chute pour vous :)

i swear that this cartoon strip right here is superrrrrrrrrrr CUTE! I wanna hugggg :'( ewanggg, i need one right now! because, i...mi...mii....mi...mis...miss...y...youuuu. hehehe. i know i know. we had a little ' argument ' that day and now we're doing good. i always know that you can find a way to win my heart back :) i'm glad that things between me and you isn't just phase 1 then game over. we're winning every each level! *affirmative. "APE BENDA AH DORANG NH! KAU CERAMAH LAH SORANG2 YANG PENTING AKU NAK BALIK. CERAMAH LAH FORUM PERDANA LAH. FAK." oppss, sorry. there's an announcement. very disturbing. i have no time for all those, okay? okay. proceed. so, i can't wait to see you again tomorrow. almost everyday i got to see you, well of course ==' if i could, i just wanna spend my time with you. just you. no one else. can i can i? :) hehe

emm, that's all. tired typing already. ^^V

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