Heheheh. Okay. si Ariff Arshad nak sangat tengok mata koyak aku nh. Well this is it. To me, I looked creepy I mean seriously! Tajuk nh? Yeahh. Not happy, excited or wtv. Biasa jea :) Don't ask why. Okay2. Seriously tonight I can't blog that much. Something's giving me chills and it aint good. :\ Goodnight!


Sorry. Okay, nampak tak what Paul predicted for me? Hahah aku punye status mmg cannot go lah. Pandai lah kau nh Paul. Kalau korang tak nmpk die tulis ape, die tulis " It's time to quit smoking " . Nasib baik aku tak makan sotong, kalau tak dah lame dah kau kne digest dalam perot aku :)



Nak cube apply for second intake and hopefully oh HOPEFULLY this time dapat. Aku nak apply Tourism Management and dapat dekat Melaka sbb si Rahman ajak :D Whatever lah. All that matters aku nk masuk sini. Every each of my cousins pon masuk sini. I want it too :\


Today :)

Harinh makan dekat Kerisek lagi :) Nasi Goreng Cina paling boekkk skali! Actually restaurant nh owned by my uncle. Not entirely. Ade share2 lah dgn sedara mara die and nampak banner tuh? That woman happens to be Nana yg masuk comp "Jangan Lupa Lirik ". Hmm aku tak kenal sgt die but that's what my cousin told me. It's located in Bangi nearby a mall, Kompleks PKNS rasenye lah kot. Yang aku igt blkng Pappa Rich punye restaurant. Yahh. So I guess thats about it for today ;)



I've just finished my new song. Nawhh its nothing much. This time I'm not using the guitar, I'm using my piano :) Later on I'll post the video here or my facebook page. But not now. My camera has just run out of batts. Toodles!


If you want me to climb a mountain, swim into a deep sea, fly to the highest sky, drive my car a thousand miles just to get to you so you could tell me that you love and mean it,
I would.

-Natasha's L Quote.


1. Do you like anyone?: yes, but I can't
2. Do they know it? no
3. Simple or complicated? simple
4. Had sex: forbidded!

5. Bought something: Nothing
6. Gotten sick?: Nop
7. Been hugged?: Nop :(
8. Felt stupid?: Sometimes
9. Talked to an ex: Yes
10. Missed someone: very much
11. Failed a test: that's last year
13. Danced: Havent got any mood to do so
14. Gotten your hair cut?: nop
15. Lied: Yes


16. Nervous habits?: comb my hair
17. Are you double jointed?: nop
18. Can you roll your tongue?: of course boleh
19. Can you raise one eyebrow?: Huh boleh sgt
20. Can you cross your eyes?: Yes
21. Do you make your bed daily?: YES
22. Do you think you are unique?: No. I'm normal


23. Said "I Love you": Yes && regret
24. Given money to a homeless person: A long time ago
25. Smoked?: -.-'
26. Waited all night for a phone call?: yes :(
27. Snuck out?: Aaaa YES :D
28. Sat and looked at the stars?: yeahh, i love em


29. Do you swear/curse?: generally, yes I do
30. Do you ever spit?: Yes because of Question 25
31. You cook your own food?: sometimes
32. You do your own chores?: I do everyones chores -.-
33. You like beef jerky?: aaaa no?
35. You're happy with your life?: yeah, can't get enough of it -.-
36. You own a dog?: HARAM!
37. You spend your money wisely?: No.
38. Do you like to swim?: Yes.
39. When you get bored do you call a friend: Once. haha


41. Flowers or angels?: Flowers please
42. Gray or black?: Grey
43. Color or black and white photos?: B&W
44. Lust or love?: Love
45. Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset. awww :']
46. M&Ms or Skittles?: Both both!
48. Staying up late or waking up early?: Staying up late. :D
49. Being hot or cold?: Cold
50. Winter or Fall?: Winter. London! Take me there please!
51. Left or right?: Righttttt...
52. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?: 10 acquaintances
53. Sunshine or rain?: Rain. :)
I'm the type of girl that can be so hurt but still look at him & smile. I'm the type of girl who's willing to brighten his day even if I can't brighten my own..



wuhuhu :( rindu nak balik Kuantan. This year mmg tak balik langsung. Hopefully this raya, kite semua balik Kuantan! And and, urghh harap2 takde 'halangan'. *To my family, mesti paham ape maksud angah nh. Rindu nak bangun pagi2 siap2 make up pakai baju kurung pastuh salam2 dapat duit raya, breakfast nasi impit, kuih2 wan buat. :'] Lepastuh kumpul ramai2 salam dgn auntie2 uncle2 mintak duit raya lagi. Tahun nh mesti up lagi nh! HAHA. Then then amek gmbr glamer2. Babi merindu!

From left : Me, Kak Ana, Alisya, Kak Long, Acap, Kak Iqa, Akip, Along. (Kuantan, Pahang)


I was overwhelmed and forget that I've had enough. I smiled and don't remember what will it cause me. I told myself that things happen for a reason. Once I wrote no words can tell how much truth is true and believed. Thinking that maybe believing superstitous would turn everything back to normal - I was wrong. Blaming all the guilts to myself. Admitting stupidity is in me. Too much for an optimist. But a diviner never fails to predict. I will wait for another brighter day. Maybe it will take a decade, but my heart has no door. It will never be closed. No wind could blow me away, no rain could wash me down, no sun can burn me up, only you could make that happen.

I could never hate any of you because you have been a piece of a jigsaw puzzle in my life. Trying to fit in to my life, eventhough knowing that a few have been backstabbing, ignoring is the best way.

And to end this long and fuckingly annoying topic, I hope that I wont meet any imbecile who tries to tear my world and shread it like Oh FUCK YOU'RE EVIL AS HELL! Goodnight readers, stalkers, observers or wtv.



Heyy, oh geez its already 2:25am! and I'm still awake! Duhh just like always. So today, me and my family went to Shah Alam . There's a wedding. Awww I just love weddings. Seeing happy couples finally made a commitment to share their lives together through good && bad times. :) And after that, we head down to Mak Long's house in Shah Alam too. I miss my cousins and it was great that we spent the night gossiping about shitties. heheh. But I was hoping to meet Eqa tomorrow. She went back home that Friday. Her mother finally gave birth to baby boy. Congrats Auntie! I'm looking forward to visit them tomorrow. I really miss eqa the most. We're not going to meet each other often you know!? She's furthering her studies in Penang. Bapak jauh kan? Hmmm. Never thought that we will be apart this far. D; But thats okay because I know we will always stand by each other all the time . Hehe Goodnight ;)



woot, sorry tak clear. Tapi I'll clear things up :) Baik kan die buat default? Eh but nothing happened lah between us. Die rindu rambut die sbb tuh die letak gmbr tuh. Lagipon in that picture he looks really cute. Awww :D haha. Nak buat default jugak tp paham2 jelah kan orang2 kt fb aku tuh -.- So, that's all hehe




I hate to feel this way. Why can't it just go away and never come back? Why can't it just slip away? Didn't you notice? At one point I'm actually happy and quite thrilled being single but STILL this stupid and shouldn't-feel-this-way feeling keeps on generating in me? Don't you see?

5months and still strong

It has been 5months, being a loner douche single swagger. 5months dude! The longest period so far. But throughout the 5months, hmm it wasn't that bad being a loner. Still talking to him. And I dont think I'm expecting someone new. I dont think that I'm ready yet. Its just painful to love again. I don't know why, I just don't have that feeling anymore. What I use to feel back in the days, now there's no more. I don't like guys flirting me. Duhh! I'm not comfortable okay? cuz sometimes I felt like, if a guy tries to flirt, I'm scared that I would end up making the most stupid mistake falling for it. Its not a good thing-really. And now, labelled as a free bird, I vowed to not start a bad habit. I forbid myself from cutting my hair short, smoking, drinking, over-socialising etc. Because you know, most of the reason girls do these kinda things is because frustration over break ups. Damn. Oh yeah, + suicide. Damn and dumb. Plus, its not like I'm not going to find someone else in the future. There must be someone, right? Anyone? Hmmm :(
And lastly, I hope I will find myself a person, who needs me more than he wants me because hey, if you need someone to tell you "Thats okay. I will always be here for you" , you can always count on me. You can never know how hard I've been trying to learn how to never let someone I love down, but yeah, surprisingly, you guys did a nice job. And oh yeah, I miss hugs && kisses. :)



If you LOVE me, always :
  • tell me I'm all you want
  • tell me I'm all you have
  • tell me you can be trusted
  • tell me you can be honest
  • tell me you can be considerate
  • tell me you can be there for me
  • tell me you are the One.
If you don't LOVE me, never :
  • tell me you adore me
  • tell me you need me
  • tell me you want me
  • tell me you like me
  • tell me you LOVE me.


I love apples and honeydew
Can I tell you how much I missed you?
Nisa hates to chase, Kevin hates to move
but When it comes to love, I can give you prove.
You love red and I love blue
If you want my heart, its all yours too.
Sharks can't swim backwards and I think its awkward
but that's okay,
Because you can always turn away.
I think you're great, I think you're pretty special
I wish to be your one & only girl.
Dududu.. lalala..
Can you be my only.. spouse :)

Originally written by ; Natasha


Today I've had...

a quite boring day. In the afternoon, it was nothing much. Actually that afternoon I was learning how to do an afro but it didnt work out well. It turned out so ugly. Well, I guess I'll try again some other time. Just have to wait till mama get me that hair ironing set. :) Then malam td pegi kenduri tahlil Arwah Opah Wah at KGSAAS Shah Alam. It went well. Makan2 sket, konyang porot den :D And straight went back home. And and teros pandang laptop. haha. K lah. Gua sin chai low dulu. Calow bete