If I could write about you everyday, I would.

hehehe. so this is us, again, at the poly convocation carnival. this picture was taken at the ' Sup Meletup ' stall. takdelah meletup mane pon ==' actually aku tak rase pon. haha. okay. I bought myself a glow in the dark bracelet. I bought two then ewan bought 3 :) hehehe. one of the best nights I've had with you, sayang. well actually, every time I get to see you was the best moments I had. I love spending my time with you, wasting my time with you, enjoying my time with you, apa2 pon dgn you. you're by fact the only manusia that can make me happy right now eventhough kdg2 you ade buat I rase marahhhhhhh sangat, but you know how to win my heart back. that's us right there playing with the glow in the dark bracelet. hehe sukaaaaaaaaa ;) you know All About Him song by Auburn? " And we don't give a dang-dang-dang about nobody e-e-e~" that's how it is. I don't care what people may say about us. as long as I'm with you, and you're with me, " we are happy family ( lagu Barnie ) " haha tiba2, I don't care. when I'm with you, I'm happy. noktah.
so this is what I remember about us. Hey, we've made it together for 1month :) after that I'll let you decide how's it going to be. but for you to know, I'm always here for you. Open arms and open heart. I hope things between me and you stays this way for a very very very VERY long time, because now with a guy like you, I don't fucking give a damn who passes my way. :)

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