night *yawnn blogging.

so it's already 3.14. I've been cracking my head doing my freakin' ass assignments. 3-4 ASSignments that have to be submitted on this Monday. quite (Y) huh? so that picture right there, that's mine. latest. ahah lameass. hey, I'm home! haha. I'm not really that happy being home. at least I got to see my baby and four new ones. So comel okay? yauch geram! and and, today, (A) IM-ed me. he told me to not ' boros ' and don't eat maggie too much. :') you see?! that's why he's been my favourite. only he doesn't see it. but that's okay. I already told him once and hopefully he'll remember that. Me and family went to Shah Alam for dinner today. we went for pizza baybie! imagine me, eating 3 slices of it a bowl of soup + breadstick + one glass of pepsi. Finished! haha. my stomach was bloated! luckily I'm satisfied with it. alhamdulillah :) and that's me and my preggy baby Juno. yeah, she's gotten bigger than I thought. besar dah baby kan? " omaigod, adik aku mengigau. die ckp ' sebenarnye mcm nh ' byk kali! HAHA! " okay. Juno, she's more furious. she's always angry. biaselah. pregnant ==' but still, I LOVE YOU kan sayang? my favourite baby ever. aku balik rumah, kau dah tak pakai loceng kau kan? sampai hati. nanti aku pakaikan balik okay? baru comel like always. hehe. so I guess that's about it. I should be off to bed now. super tired. and I have to go back to that so-called-hell place.

lots and loads of love,
natasha. xx

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