Pain = Fucked Up!

today, I forced myself to play badminton eventhough my condition wasn't fine yet. my whole body is cramped. I can't move too much. I got ' melecet ' on my knees. but today too, hehe again I spent my day with, ehemmm, Ridzuan Azmi lahhhh. I hate this pain thingy! it hurts like WTF! I just asked Mai to massage me and hmm, hopefully it'll get better by tomorrow. Ewan is in Shah Alam right now. he has to go back home just for his brother. at least I got to spent some time with you after you go. :) huhu my body's swollen. :'( I can't run, I can't walk that much. how am I supposed to do things tomorrow? DAHLAH ADE CERAMAH LAGI! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa D';
can I be excused? :'(

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