Appreciate Them While They're Still Here.

as how much I hate going to KL, but when I'm with my brother, it's not that bad. today, me, my brother and a few of his friends went to KL. I don't have any main purpose to go there, just because my brother asked me to come along and I can use his money first, so, hmm what the heck kan? KL as always, packed with ' baru nak up ' kids. with weird and very annoying way of dress-up, me and my brother are quite a dirty mouth when it comes to judging peoples outfit. haha normal lah tuh kan? we went for KFC lah, mamaklah. he bought himself a new watch, so do I. hehe. just spending our bro-sis times. die pon ade pegi jumpa kawan2 PLKN die, aku pon go along jelah. btw thanks kem belanja aku. nanti aku bayar balik duit kau =='

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