Late Night Blogging.

Annyeong ^^
So now it's already pass 1 o'clock in the morning. Me and Kina is still up. Kina's doing something. Idk. Maybe she's on facebook. Me? Just sitting around reading my Korean Phrasebook. So, I'm a little curious about something right now. Lately, I've been learning Korean language. You know, like learning English. I'm curious, is it wrong for me to learn more languages? Do I have to be labeled ' Korean-addict ' just because I learn the languages? I mean, apehal doh? Haa kan dah keluaq melayu aku. Aku naik sakit hati betul lah orang dok ckp aku nh taksub sgt dgn korea sampai nak belajar bahasa dorg. Cop! Salah kea? Habis kalau kite belajar bahasa omputih tuh? Taksub jugak? Orang yang belajar bahasa France lah, Mexico lah, apelah sume, taksub jugak? Eh, bukan sbb aku slalu layan korea menjadi faktor aku nak belajar bahasa korea. Maybe, a little. Tapi aku suka so boleh aku faham apa yang dorg ckp. Macam belajar English. Kalau kau tak reti ckp omputih, ape yang kau faham bila kau dgr omputih berckp? Aku pernah dgr pasal perempuan yang belajar banyak bahasa.
Naneun nega bureowo. Jinjja! So listen, I'm not gonna stop. I don't give a shit if people keep telling me that I'm taksub or whatever. PEGI MAMPOS. Okay? Cause I believe someday, it'll be worthwhile learning. Seriously say, aku taknak jadi orang melayu yang pandai tang melayu jea. Sbb ape? Orang melayu mana reti nak berkembang. Yang orang melayu tahu, copy paste, bragging, pastuh dok kutuk kaum sendiri. LAME OKAY? Maaflah kalau ade yang terasa. Takde niat nak buat orang terasa. Cuma, ingat2lah. Kalau hidup atas dunia hanya berbekalkan ilmu yang disuap sahaja, sampai bila nak kenal dunia? Arasso? :)

Okay, that's all for now. Annyeong ^^



Annyeong haseyo! ^^
hehe, it's been a few weeks I haven't update my rusty old blog. How's my 2012 so far? Emm :) So far so good. My birthday was the best. I got back to my rent house and my housemates surprised me with a cake and a bucket full of water and very icky stuffs in it. It was the most memorable birthday ever. Later I upload the pictures. And I even got myself a guitar! WOOHOO! Haha. Okay, all I wanted to say, at this early stage of 2012, everything is going so well. Hopefully it stays like this till the end :) Well, I guess that's all for now. Gonna go grab something to eat.

Annyeong ^^


Happy 2012.

So, it's already 2012. Happy New Year everyone :) Em, my celebration doesn't seem much. Me and my family spent our new year at my cousin's house in Shah Alam. I didn't get to spend it with my friends. Fortunately, I bought myself a new shoe! Heels to be exact. hehe. I can't wait to wear it to class! Tomorrow I'll be going to Shah Alam again to buy myself a birthday present. For, myself. T_T I always wanted my own guitar. So that's what I'm going to buy tomorrow. hehe. My own guitar. I have nothing much to say now. Running out of ideas. K, annyeonghi gaeseyo ! ^^