via komputer riba

ahhh, it has been a while i update my blog thru my laptop. I miss those days when i depend so much on my laptop to go on social networks such as facebook and twitter. Now, my laptop is currently being used by my dad. Going through all my pictures and videos that i kept inside my laptop made me realized of how older i'm getting. My life has changed a lot. It seems funny looking back at my past. My pasts were funny as hell! All my exes, my friends, and even some of them turned into enemies, people i know became someone i knew. I found myself laughing about all the things that had happen.

My air-conditioner is going crazy right now. The little light on the machine is blinking and my room temperature is getting hotter. Here i am, lying on my bed, accompanied with one of my favorite slow songs 'Almost Is Never Enough' by Ariana Grande ft Nathan Sykes. The modern version of Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Nothing feels better than being in my comfort zone where there's nothing to worry about. Oh except my trashy living room. Mom's gonna kill me the next morning. Hmm. My thoughts tonight are, how do i say, safe. I'm not in my melancholic mood tonight. More to, i love my bed and the weather tonight. I can never get a good sleep though. Its this insomnia thing i had since my last semester. All the late stay up till the sun rise, still intact.

Maybe i should start looking for a job soon. Goodnight.


Permainan Syaitan.


Aku rasa dreamcatcher yang aku buat semalam mcm, menjadi. Tak tahu lah. Tapi malam td, aku mimpi. Tak tahu lah nk kata mimpi indah atau buruk. Aku mimpi. Dan dia ada. Elok aku punya ingatan tentang dia hampir luput, dia datang balik.

The dream.
I was playing around with two cute babies. And i sort of said that i wish those babies were mine.
And then,
He showed up.
He said something like those babies are our babies.
I told him to stay away from me
But he kept telling me the babies are ours.
He even wrote it on a paper.
I can't recall every pieces of the dream.
It was blurry.
But his face was crystal clear.

Mimpi kan? Permainan syaitan. Aku harap...

"Mimpi hanya mimpi. Takkan jadi realiti..."