Twenty Six of March

so basically this is what we do today. Karaoke man! me, dhilah,kina and sab. afterwards we met madi and abe dauh. hehe. quite tiring going to Sungai Besar but we all had fun though :') actually, this is Dhilah's first time to Sungai Besar with us. so we decided to go for karaoke together lah kan. haa.. then we went for ' Layang-layang ' at our poly lah mane lagi kan. and ewan was there too, as usual :) aku nak upload gambar2 tapi ishhhhhh!! takpelah, pagi nty pukul5 time semua manusia dan haiwan dah tak pakai wifi, aku upload. ==' okay. that's all bye. *sakit hati dgn wifi

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