There's No Other Sun That I Need Other Than You.

right now, okay this is crappy. I'm at the library. sadly, ewan's not here with me like it should be. btw, he's not here because his grandfather just passed away and he had to go to his ' kampung '. so today, I had my lunch, just with my friends. hmm. it feels weird and utterly upsetting not getting to see you after 2days we've been apart. I didn't get to present today because I'm not well-prepared yet. so I'll present tomorrow. hopefully I'll get to impress the lecturer and the whole class. english is never difficult when you watch cartoon everyday-like I do when I'm a kid. ohh how much fun I had talking to him last night. I just looooove late night calls. hanging on the phone talking about random stuffs, laughing when everybody's sleeping, just be someone you are- honest, and just pretend that we're talking face to face. but jyeahh frankly, it's sad. we made a deal to wear the same colour again today and have lunch together. hmm, hopefully you'll be here by tomorrow. and for you to know, my day gets even better when you become the Sun of my day because you don't know how it may brighten up my fucking dull life :)

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