Always Be My Sun.

i don't care how I spend my time with you. as long as I'm with you, I know that I'll have the best moment ever. getting to know you is something different. especially when I know that you will always be here for me. despite all the emotional things we've gone through I still can't imagine how it feels like to just not be with you. like today, just us two spending our time at Shah Alam. getting to know each other more. i felt happy and happier everytime I get to be with you. singing out loud in the car, enjoying the heavy down pour, stories, stories and stories. sharing every single story we had, laughing all around. I can't lie that what we had today was dull and boring. It was by far the best ones :') maybe you're right. we shouldn't rush about things. maybe we really should just try and get to know each other more because I wanna know you. I wanna be a part of your story when you share it with someone else. I want to be the person that you'll think of everyday. I wanna be the person that you appreciate best. maybe I was to scared that things like ' friends to nothing '. maybe I'm scared of losing you :/ I guess I should try to give you your space for your family, friends and studies. if you take 00.01% space for me and other than that for your priorities, then I don't mind. as long as I'm there. in your heart and mind. it was raining and I get the chance to hold you right in my arms. I gave you my warmth that you probably need. I gave you my time that you can spend with. I gave you my ears to everything you say. I enjoy doing these things for you. when you called, recalling back how we first know each other, frankly said, that was sweet. :') eventhough by that time I'm all tired and exhausted but I felt happy listening to it till tears went down my cheeks. I hope that what we had now and then stays just the way we wanted. if you're happy with me, then I'm more happier to be with you. if you like me, for God sake I like you more. having you close to me made my day. even if rain seemed to take over the sky, still you shine my life like the Sun is forever here beside me. you should know that :)

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