Natasha's Love Life : Chapter 18

Finally for the past 8months struggling finding the person who will accept me as who I am, who won't leave me for any lame reasons, who will be there for me when I need him the most.
Guys, meet Fairuz Shahyimi B. Jaafar.
I can't tell how ecstatic I am. Thrilled, happy, everything cheerful. I hope that this time things will be different. No more short term relationship, no more fooling around and stuff. I just wanna be happy like anyone does. I know I deserve better and you show me I really do :')

With Love,



Hell yeah. Clearly I stepped on some shit but I've cleaned it up. For fucking 8months I made myself looked like and imbecile. Seriously I'm done with it. Done trying. Done getting your attention. I'm getting bored with it. Plus I see you're quiet happy and doing so well nowadays. So now I wont bother to be close to you anymore. What's the friggin use!? Like everyone used to say "I'm better off without you " I guess :\ YES! I'm better off without you. And I think I should just really enjoy my life to the fullest. Too many opportunities that I've missed. Gladly I'm getting back on track, just to get what I wanted :)

And, HUGE and a MILLION thanks to all my shizzow for making my day a better one :) May Allah bless you all. I would be caught dead without you. hearts and kisses and hugsss


Driving License Here We Go!

WOOHOO! Esok esok! Ishh ishhh tak sabar lah bangang! hhaha. Masa dulu2 bile fikir pasal nk amek lesen mesti nervous. Harinh rasa excited! Sebab finally I got the chance to get my license like goshhh FINALLY!

So, pagi esok kena fikir nak pakai. Just keepin it simple. Malas nak pakai gah sgt sbb first day kn kne dgr ceramah berjam2 tuh jea kan. So ilek dulu lahhhh. Hmm pakai tshrt biase, jeans dgn sneakers baru yg mama baru beli :) And esok kne bangon pagi pukul 7. NOOOO! huhu but whatta do. Terpaksa. :) I guess thats all !


Did you miss me?

Sssuppp bloggers! Omg. Lamenye tak blogging. Damnn. Seriously I cant make time to blog. But today, I have. And I got plenty of stories to share. :)
So, on the 2nd October, me and my sister got a new hair iron set from Mom. Thanks momma! :D and also, we both got our ear pierced. Urghh I think I want another. Haha. Oh oh! anddddd I got a new shoe! Huhu mama thanks again. :) So let's get the story started. HAHALadies and Gents, meet Asyraf Zainuddin a.k.a Ashaff :) A very sweet guy. We know each other through Facebook. So he's nice, sometimes funny, sometimes getting on my nerves but he's nice. Ashaff, you don't have to be perfect to impress me. You're quite impressive already :D

Well, I guess thats all. Not much huh? Im tireddddd -.- ciaou