Unbelieveable .

Always said I would know where to find love,
Always thought I'd be ready and strong enough,
But some times I just felt I could give up.
But you came and you changed my whole world now,
I'm somewhere I've never been before.
Now I see, what love means.

It's so unbelievable,
And I don't want to let it go,
Something so beautiful,
Flowing down like a waterfall.
I feel like you've always been,
Forever a part of me.
And it's so unbelievable to finally be in love,
Somewhere I'd never thought I'd be.

In my heart, in my head, it's so clear now,
Hold my hand you've got nothing to fear now,
I was lost and you've rescued me some how-.
I'm alive, I'm in love you complete me,
And I've never been here before.
Now I see, what love means.


When I think of what I have, and this chance I nearly lost,
I cant help but break down, and cry.
Oh yeah, break down and cry.


Now I see, what love means

by Craig David.


The Warm Serenity.

Hyeeeeeeee! ;D hehe so it's already late night. I got my second last paper tomorrow and i tak tidur2 lagi. why tasha WhyYWHYY????!!! so today, me my sayang and dhilah went for a movie. korang taw kan I'm like dying to watch The Roomate kan? sampai kat tmpt wayang, takde ==' still ktorg tgk jugak cerita lain. we watched the Scream 4. stupid with horror kinda genre. here's my advice, kalau kau ade lemah jantung kea, cpt terkencing dalam seluar kea, cepat muntah kea ape, jangan watch this shit. sumpah this movie main2 with your organs. so that's basically what we did today. ha

after i got back to my room, lack of energy, change to my boxers and singlet. straight to bed. i slept for hours and hours. i woke up with a dream inside my head. a dream that seemed to
be making me down. i dreamed of me and my boyfriend, fighting until i cried but he refuse to talk to me. he ignores me. i was like " weyhh apehal mimpi mcm nh! " so actually what happened before i sleep was, i text my boyfriend a 5pages of text message saying how sorry i am for being to emotional today. we barely talk. we barely hold our hands. inside his car, we didn't even look at each other so much. i carried guilt on my shoulder. i saw tense on his face. i was to scared to approach him and ask. i don't know okay?! i'm like friggin scared! :'( so by the time we reached poly, and right after i got outside his car, he said " I love you and thanks for today sayang. " well duhhh, i felt relieved lah kan. haa. still, those guilts, masih ade. so sebelum tidur, i sent him message tuh lah. and we're back on track. he apologized too. but i know mostly it was my fault. well, duhh, obviously it was. i shouldn't stay quiet. i should ask him what's wrong and stuff. but i didn't. :'( bad girlfriend, right? :( but bby, seriously, with all my heart, i'm dead sorry! i'm sorry for everything i did. i'm like the person who ruins every happy days. i wish i can be better for you. but i'm gonna try yknow. i'm gonna! :') I love you, Ridzuan Azmi. i love the walk on the beach, playing hide and seek *LOL, and many more things we did. awak buat saya sayangkan awak gilew gilew taw. HAHAH.

well, i guess that's all for today. xoxoxo


Sayang, promise that we'll watch this!

I'm so so so going to watch this. haha ckp pasal roommate, syukur Alhamdulillah aku dapat roommate yg boleh kawtim dgn aku lah kan. this is a thriller movie, and oh i'm so watching it. sayang, harituh i told you kan i wanna watch this one? I'm waiting... hehehehehe. =='

so harinh Saturday, nothing much lah today. my roommate fizah bought kerang bakar for us and dayummm, that was finger ass lickin good! Thanks jah :') well i guess that's all. penat.


Pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, liquid paper, exam paper.

I'm like, weyhhh, sakit otak nh baca buku. and yah know, this is like the first time i stayed up all night studying. gila gempak kan aku? AKJ dalam tangan okay. high level of confidence is all we need babeh. lately nh aku rase rajin gila. tidur pon dah tak rajin okay? omg nh tasha kea? of course lah. semua org nak maju kedepan. plus, i felt much better having a supportive boyfriend. always telling me to keep on fighting " fighting bby ! " aww sayang :') ehh, awak dah takreti nak pulang kea boyfriend? dah berhabuk dah perasaan rindu nh. *metafora. OH-EM-G. cepatlah habis exam oi. taw tak i penat nh taw. kebas otak i fikir pasal ape? marketing? fundamental? OH-EM-G. tasha, jangan nk OH-EM-G sangat lah kan. " okay ... ==' "

okay, i'm running out of ideas. lepu otak saya. byeezz


Dearest Ridzuan Azmi,

I never thought that this thing between us would happen. I never thought just because of a question my friend asked you, it made you think that way. and I never thought because of my jealousy, it cause us to become this serious. I told you I'm not good at being serious. My eyes may not cry reading what you said in our IMs but my heart cracks like only God knows how bad it was. I'm sorry that you thought I was different. You see me a smoker so I must be one social ass girl. I must have a heartless heart. I might not have feelings like jealousness or any immature girls attitude. well, I'm not like that. I maybe a smoker but that's just that. I don't go out socializing, I don't hang out all night all the time. I don't wear sexy and go out flashing myself at everyone. I'm just a girl that lives with imperfections in my life. I'm sorry if how you see I am now is way out of your expectations. I'm sorry. I can never be perfect. I don't wanna be perfect. I just wanna be someone that you can actually accept. I'm trying to take every single critics people throw at me. at least I know I'm not doing so good. I take everything you say with humbleness, I'll make an effort to make things better. if not for me, I'm doing it for you. for us. all those things we in between is very special. I appreciate every single of it. all the happy moments, overnight, lunches together, same outfit colour, chocolates, singing along, hugs and kisses. I can't tell you how happy I am to have you. still, God won't let us be happy all the time. Love is happy when its right and love hurts when its wrong. how am I supposed to tell you this. hmm.. okay. Just to let you know, after all these ups and downs we had, I still wanted to stay with you, because when I'm with you, I would still smile even if my heart doesn't seem to be doing so good. you should always know that,
I love you.

I just hope that we can always make things better for each other. I just, don't wanna lose you :'/

Aku nak update sebab aku sedih, ok?

hmm, assalamualaikum.
so today's post is about I'm doing fine.
How would you feel when your boyfriend says this to you :
" habistuh you nak bunga2 jea kea setiap masa? "
Bunga2 as in ' ayat berbunga-bunga romanctic2. taw kan?
well apparently, it hurts. :'(
I don't know if you purposely say that to make me feel stupid or something.
I know that we can't 'Bunga-bunga' all the time,
but I'm the kinda girl that thinks being TOO serious could kill a relationship.
I hate dull and serious relationship.
I stayed with you because you're not and I was hoping for you to not let me down.
And I do know that I may sometimes might have said things that you would take seriously.
All you need to do is tell me.
If you hate me being this way or that way, tell me.
That's if you want me to be better for you.
but yeah, I'm doing fine :')

p/s : like right now, I'm already packing my bags. aku dah basuh semua baju, gosok semua baju for exam, yang dah tak pakai aku dah humban masuk bag. after 28th, the last paper, I'm straight back home.


err tak paham betul lah saya ( 'saya'?? ==' ) wait wait. first of all, TAHNIAH lah ye Natasha kau dah bayar duit kitchen and barang2 pisau ape semua dah dapat. boleh kea dorang ckp aku nk berhenti poli?? emm, mmg pon tapi aku tak cakap PON! benci :(

kt atas tuh takde kene mengena dgn title. lawak kan?

okay. mcm nh ceritanye. i was baring2 on my bed, online sambil melaungkan lagu2 yang syahdu. tibe2 phone aku vibrate. *bzzeerrtt bzzeerrtt. phone vibrate bunyi mcm tuh eh? wa-te-ve. ADA ORANG CALL! NH MESTI BBY NH! actually number ewan aku tak save sbb satu lagi number yg currently die slalu pakai bila text aku nh bukan number die so rasenye tak payah save lah kan. dengan penuh yakin aku tibai phone aku tak tgk number terus angkat. " Hello? " *lagu apetah keluar, mcm lagu aiskrim pon ade. lepastuh i look at my phone, keluaq haa video call. hamboi! jate mano ha terlentang ateh katil pi bideoq call aku. Pokitiaw betui. so disebabkan aku dah nampak die tak berbaju * ewwww and terbaring atas katil aku terus cut the call. kalau lah aku teruskan bnde tuh, konon nak taw lah kan ntah2 ade orang prank aku kea ==', confirm 100per sen aku boleh buta. shishh.

tuh jea cerita die. bosan kan? untunglah bosan. ayat mcm bo-do.


Night Shift.

alamak, alapak, alakak! sorry lah kan mcm dah lama tak update. padahal... =='

hehe you guys must have been wondering what's been going on the past few days. okay. my laptop isn't so well. cop cop, not my laptop. my charger! hmm :( so my laptop has been so quiet and still these days. so here's the sip ;

Wednesday, 13/04/11-Thursday, 14/04011 ; So twas 5petang something and I walk my feet towards the gate of Politeknik yadda yadda yadda. and there he was. my sayang tercinta loveable boypreng waiting in his car with his three-quartered tshrt and jeans. me? i'm in my white tshirt worn with my hoodies. selekeh, i know. got inside his
car and WHOOOOSSSHHHH!! heading down to his rumah sewa to fetch along/arief. rilek2 kejap, tgu arief packed his things and then off we go! Dalam kereta, twas 7-8 something i guess, we were on our way to Damansara to pick up arief's friend and her name is Baiti. afterwards we head down to umm, where ha? oh oh, Cinneleisure Damansara for a late night movie. okay, i'm not a movie enthusiast so i really dont know whats hot in the movies now. so fikir fikir gigit gigit jari garu garu kepala, last2 ktorg pon tgk cerita Love & Other Drugs. okay lah that movie. i rate that movie 3stars because byk 18sx scene. haha. me and my buifren took the couple seat. arief and Baiti sat somewhere tataw lah kt mane. so, movie tuh went for over 1hour lebih kot ( tak perasan sangat sbb tgh layan romance2), habis lahhhh that movie. we went out to send Baiti home first and then hantar arief pulak. after that, it was only me and his time. Natasha Azlan and Ridzuan Azmi time. Just you and me time. :) Okay, actually at that time, my stomach was crumbling like friggin hell! Gastric nak mati! 99.99% of my life was at stake. i was dying of hungriness! then ewan took me to the nearest mamak. pup pap pup pap makan makan makan, we drove all around shah alam. we first stopped at the padang near the museum. lepak japp then gerak pegi extreme park 13. rehat2 jap sbb die penat nk drive kan, plus die underestimate my capability to drive man! pfftt. i can drive like seriously i can, okay? shishhh. :p moving on. ktorg gerak dr situ pegi kea sabak bernam balik dr pukul 4something IN THE MORNING lah kann. otw to sabak bernam, twas the most cherishable moments i had with him. getting to sleep on his lap while he's driving, singing out loud our favourite songs, getting high and crazy just us two. masa dkt petronas tanjung, we stopped. he wanted to rest. so i let him rest. and aku selimutkan die pakai jacket aku sbb time tuh hujan. i watched him sleep :') and the best part was, we woke up at 7am something and he wished me good morning :') let me tell yah this. in my entire life, i had never ever EVAHH had a guy wished me good morning after i open my eyes first thing in the morning. so, agak sweeettt disitu. then masing2 pon dah terjaga, perjalanan ke sabak bernam diteruskan. guess what our breakfast were? hehe. Kuaci, air kosong, cigarettes. :) cukup kenyang jugaklah. then ktorg lpk dkt BNO( Bagan Nakhoda Omar ). sat at the pondok hidu bau laut pagi2. emmmmm. :) and then you pegi lalu dkt jalan lecak2 pastuh habis tayar kotor. lepastuh balik rumah die to clean those dirty tires, lepak2 kejap and he sent me back to poli yadda yadda yadda. the thing is, the time that we had might seemed short because there's a little argument between that time and there was a time i was sleeping so rasa mcm sekejap lah kan? but thats okay. because when i'm with you kan sayang, i don't give damn about how long or how short the time is. as long as i'm with you and i'm happy to see you, that's enough. it doesn't need to be fancy or so. i just want you here with me. that's all.

Baby, I'm sorry if I ever pulled faces during those times when I'm with you. I bukan saje2 nak tarik muka, nak down tiba2 bila dgn you. Actually.. hmm.. takpelah, yg tuh nty I bgtaw. But for now, I'm just happy that you're around. oh oh, and I'm sorry jugak if I agak membebankan you these past few days, like kalau nk pegi makan jea panggil you, nk pegi sini sana jea panggil you. I'm really sorry :(

ell i guess that's all lah kot. ape2 hal nty kalau rajin gua update lah lagi. muah muah!


Okay okay last last!

it's getting funnier so i gotta post this one. this is the Part II of Girls and Their Attitudes. Shall we begin?i made my decision to comment her Madly Aggressive Status of The Month. so what i wrote was,
" HAHA kelakar gila ayat kau. "
and that was that. did i ever mention,
" ape masalah kau nk kutuk2 aku ha nigga? kau dgn budak-sekolah-ish attitude kau dah boleh berambus! "
the fact is, i was going to say that but first thing first ; I wanna know who was she yabbling about. so that's why i only posted the haha kelakar gila ayat kau. and oh wow, SHOCKINGLY weyh, shockingly this is what i got. hmm :) i don't really get it. if it wasn't me, why is she so, emm, so, oh you know, so, Menggelabah? yeahh thats the word. Okay2. if i was her, well technically i don't wanna be, i would say this :
" haha kelakar kan? aku buat nh khas utk minah tuh and boyfriend die. sumpah takleyh blah doh. tak kenang budi lah katakan kannn. ishh ishh.. "
but isn't obvious that she's pointing all this to me? and referring to her sister's comment above that stated ;
" weyh pmpuan klu klakar pn ade kaco idop ko ker??? "
let me get this straight. kalau die tak kacau hidup aku, kenapa die point nh semua kt aku eh? kalau die tak kacau hidup aku, kenapa die marah sgt dgn aku? kenapa die ckp aku terasa sedangkan aku takde ckp pon aku terasa? ade tak ayat aku kt mane2 ckp " Hoii bapak kuangaja kau nk ktuk aku kt status kau!" rasenye takde kan?

so before you start pointing your dirty fingers at me, look at your sistah! adik kau tuh perangai kasi licin lah! mmg aku nh setan, i gotta admit. yes i make sins, i don't wear a halo on my head, i'm no angel but at least i keep my satanic attitudes to myself and to those who are close to me because they know me better. aku tahu si MAISURAH MAZHAN nh berbadan besar aku nh badan kecik. tapi bila kau selalu pukul2 belakang aku, main kepala aku, kau igt adik kau yang kau sanjung yang kau backup nh mulia sgt? meh sini ceq habaq kat hang. seumur hidup aku, hanya bapak aku dgn abg aku jea yang berani pukul aku. kawan2? WHAT THE EFF! itu dah over the limit plus, aku baru jea kenal kau. bukannye aku dah kenal kau bertahun2 lepastuh aku kasi kau pukul2 aku free2 jea.

Please keep this in mind. You've started your own war with me. You should be glad i'm not using harsh words on you, yet.
So here's my advice :

" Get A Life, Mofo! Ha-ha :) "


Girls and Their Attitudes.

so, okay, nh satu masalah yang aku tak penah nak faham and aku rase malas nak faham. Okay okay ==' I know I'm a girl too but at least, I keep my bad ass attitude to myself. aku tak reti lah nk heboh2 satu dunia yang aku benci minah nh nk ckp minah nh bitch lah apelah. not my styleeeee okay? pfftt. so here's the thang man. you asked for it okay cibai?
lebih baik kalau orang tahu nama kau kan? aku malas nk sorok2 bagi teka teki. let's just get straight to the point, boleh? dah masuk 2kali kau post bnde majibai mcm nh. ckp pasal " ehh kalau bkn sbb aku kau tak kan kenal dgn mamat yang kau kawan dgn kau skrg. " ahh buto lah kau. lepastuh nk ckp aku terasa?! MEMANG LAH AKU TERASA FUCKER. kau igt kau agen cari jodoh kea? kau igt ka
u byk sgt mbe laki yang kau boleh hulur2 kt mbe2 kau? Puh-lease. can you say that with me? sini aku tanye kau.

cakap sikit ape yang kau tolong sangat sampai aku patut rasa bersyukur dan hargai kau sebab kalau bukan sebab kau, aku takkan kenal dengan boyfriend aku? kau ade set2 date untuk aku jumpa die kea? kau ade pinjamkan boyfriend aku duit kea untuk beli chocolate utk aku? aku ade mintak kau bawak aku pegi sini pegi sana utk jumpa die kea?

cube kau cakap, ape yang kau buat. apa yang kau bagi. apa yang kau tolong? kau hanya bagi number phone die kt aku jea. tuh pon aku mintak kau nak taknak bagi. jealous kea? hahahaha. lawak. selama hari aku jumpe die pon aku takde mintak tolong kau lah. aku takde suruh kau setting2 tmpt pon. aku takde suruh kau keluar sen pon utk aku jumpa die. ade kea? TAKDE, kan? kau nk mcm mane? ohh, kau dah tolong aku so aku kne berkepit sblh kau jelah 24/7? lepastuh everytime aku nk pegi date dgn boyfriend aku, aku kene bawak kau skali lah? mcm tuh?! hahahah!

okay, cakap pasal dah tak bertegur, musuh2 jadah haram semua tuh. okay, kite refresh balik okay? bile time aku jumpa boyfriend aku, kau menggelabah nk bantai2 die kuat2, nk tinggi2 kan suara, nk buat2 touching. Adoi, fak ah. kau sedar tak kau perempuan. Listen, okay? Guys don't date
girls with attitude like yours. Harap maaf. tapi its the fact. aku taw aku tak sebagus kau lah kan, but at least aku takde menjerit2 kt lelaki dkt khalayak ramai. aku takde nk pukul2 anak orang sesuka hati aku. aku takde nk tunjuk sgt attitude buruk aku dkt org. please lah weyh. nk ckp pasal tak bertegur, gara2 kau buat tahi dgn aku, dgn mbe2 aku, lebih baik kau salahkan diri kau jea lagi bagus. ktorg ilek jea. kau tuh yang ' banyak sangat mbe '. tapi pegi mampos lah kan. aku tak menagih kasih sayang lah dr kau. aku ade mbe yg lagi memahami, senang ckp lagi bagus dr kau. tuh jea.

tolong lah weyh. bukan kau sorang jea yang 'kononnye' dah tolong aku dgn boyfriend aku. roomate aku pon ade lah tp takde lah kecah mcm kau doh. pastuh ade dalam comment2 kau, kau ckp ak
u jealous dulu kau rapat dgn boyfriend aku. by the time i'm reading that, i was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! HAHAHAHAHA bapak lawak lah sial kau nh. cop cop, perlu kea aku jealous dgn kau? pehh sedih lah siod. kau nh kelakar lah weyh. kelakar sgt =='

In conclusion, pegi mati lah semua tuh. kau nk ckp ape, kau ckp lah kay? yang penting, aku dgn boyfriend aku dah cukup bahagia dgn ketiadaan kau disamping ktorg. aww :')

" Take a look at yourself before you start pointing your ass at someone. Have you ever wonder WHY me and not you? Attitude, hippo. Attitude :) "

sorry douchebag, but you made me do it :)

Basically we're just-in love

so we spent 2days at my place. and guess what, he came without telling me earlier. ==' he came by surprise. super nice sayang :') i took him to my favourite place to date, took him to mcdonald's for an apple pie and ice cream. it's hard, really, not getting to see you today because we use to see each other every single day, kan? i miss you SO GILA BABI OKAY? i just wanna baring2 beside you, that's enough. i don't need formal dates, candlelight dinner blah blah blah and stuff. its enough if its just you, me and some songs. and maybe something to eat. okay okay ==' all i wanna think now is to finish this damn final exam. then we got two months, hehe, you know what i'm thinking right? ;) yeahh. i miss you sayang. i miss you a lot. did i mention i miss you a lot? okay, i miss you like only God knows how much. Setinggi-tinggi langit, sedalam-dalam laut aku rindukan kau nh. wuhh! haha, i'm happy with you sayang. well duhh, obviously! i want you to always know, " Don't ever EVER EVAHH let me go! ". Kalau you nk let me go, imagine this. ingat tak kite lpk dkt ' starbucks ' then you pegang tangan i and i buat2 nak jatuh kebawah? remember what i told you? bayangkan kalau i jatuh, lepastuh kepala i terkena bucu longkang tuh lepastuh kepala i berdarah. like that. if you ever let me go, only God knows what will happen to me, either it's good or bad. senang cerita ingat mcm tuh jelah. kalau i jatuh kemungkinan kepala i berdarah, lepastuh hilang ingatan, tak pon mati kea. *nauzubillah. so faham kan? good. I love you ridzuan azmi. i might have said this to some previous guys, but again, i want this time, it would really paid off, with you okay? You will always stay rightttttt here in my heart. I'd save a little space for you baby :')


8 3 1

so, how to start. haha. cop cop let me think. hmm okay. so today, me and ridzuan azmi went out to shah alam and spent our day at the lake dekat dgn wet world tuh. we were studying. kan awak kannn? hehe. and we listen to songs, singing along, conteng2 our names there because ramai orang buat so we wanted to do one too :D first, he took me to meet his friends dkt 13. makan2 minum2 dulu then baru gerak pegi tasik. at the tasik, i watched him arranging his papers. tak reti nk beli file mamat nh ==' so susun susun. then rilek kejap. ( kenapa tukar melayu pulak nh? ==' ) okay, lepastuh main conteng2 kt kawasan situ. N.A x R.A =) hehehe. lepastuh main2 dgn webcam aku. then, i feel like sitting on the rocks. big rocks okay. so he joined sitting there too. talking2 and watching the view because i haven't been there before. sedih kan? i know. lepastuh! ada pulak elok biawok lalu kt dlm tasik tuh swimming2. ==' then conteng2 lagi till he spoke out " youu.. " and i was like.. *gulp. " ye sayee..." then there was silence. aku pon sambung conteng2. after a few minutes of silence he said " i nk ckp nh tp susah... " something like that lah. and i went " ape die? " die kata susah sgt nk ckp so aku ckp lah, " okay2. kite buat calculation (sambil memegang marker dan berpura2 menconteng tangan) " then he said, " 1,2,3,4. " haha mesti tak faham kan? taw lagu 1234 by Plain White T's kan? haaa. lepastuh aku dah ' ;D ' dan berkata " 5 sampai 10 mane? " haha die pon sambung lah sampai 10. lepas 10 aku ckp " okay, then equals to? " and die pon ckp " equals to 8,3,1 " and aku tye lagi equals to, and he said " equals to, I Love You. " meh sini depa habaq kt hang, jantung depa kemain laju bebeno! dema dok pusing2 lompat2 jantung depa. " hahaha. so i giggled with joy hearing that from him. AND AND here's the most anticipating part! he popped the 100 million $ question :

" will you officially be mine? "

lagi sekali depa habaq kat hang, bukan setakat jantung depa ja terbang terjun terbang terjun, depa sekali rasa nak terbang terjun terbang terjun!! hahaha. and i answered his proposal like this :

" O.F.C.O.U.R.S.E "

and ended with a hug. :') so thats basically what happened today. Ouhh Ridzuan Azmi, need I say more? I Love You too okay? the moment that i've been dying waiting for. today, you brought a smile on my face eventhough you kinda sakat sakat me that time, but cumon. i don't wanna be with anyone else but YOU and YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT? jyeahh! i hope that this journey we've started will keep on going.


Hijab Shoot.

so I'm quite tired today. my brother wants me to be his model for his ' Hijab Vintage Concept ' shoot. i don't really get the idea at first, but whatha heck. i had fun though. so this picture right there, actually there's a selendang hanging around. lepas edit2 tak nmpk sgt. plus, it looks better like this than the actual colour of the selendang. oh did i mention adik aku pon ade? yeah, she was there too ==' ktorg taknak pose model-ish look so we tried posing how we wanted. haha. and that's how it looks like :) i got loads of pictures from the shoot but leceh siod nk upload. hehe. later lah okay? okay. bye


Everyday is Our Day :)

and it has come to realized that we have made it together for quite a month. amazing and memorable month. everything that we'd gone through is what made us today. happy and will always stay that way. i just love to be around with you. i rather be with you than some dumb dudes. you're by fact the best that I had in my life. i don't know how we could end up together, but you stole my heart already and just forget about how it happened. all that i know, i wanna cherish and enjoy every single thing we do, like singing in the car while its raining. :') i can't afford to lose you. if you would line up thousands and thousands of guys arranged by status, looks etc, it will still be you. as long as you can cheer me up, then you're my number 1. life with you is something i don't get everyday. i appreciate each little and big thing we had. and for you to know, since the day we officially met and had a conversation, I CAN'T STOP THINKING OF YOU! you're always in here, wandering inside my head. and when i don't get to see you for 1 day, i would " ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! " yeah like that. :D so now, do you understand how much you mean to me? A LOT! huh. banyak kan? and lastly, i hope that this thing we had in between will stay as longgggggggggggggggg as we can :) no no. i want it to be forever. obviously, i want nobody else in this world except Ridzuan Azmi :).