Ho-ho-holiday =='

Finally, I'm home =='

Okay, so what to do.. Hmm. NOTHING! Its not that I regret coming home. Its just... AHHH! huhu

Okay wait wait. Before I start crapping around, this this! Yes that thing right there. Mum, I'm 19. On the 9th January 2010, you only came to my college and took me to a restaurant for lunch. And then you gave my a heart-shaped fluffy pillow. Okay, I know that seems lovely. But, this is in my wish list. Too long, I mean so loooooong to feel how it is to own a brand new phone. Is it too much that I ask for? I guess this is the only thing I could ask for. Hmm T_T so, can you grant my wish?

So, let's start. Oh, holiday. Hmm, holiday huh. So far, not doing so good. Hopefully the day after today changes everything. I want to meet all my friends. And I am so so so thankful that I get to see my baby Juno. I miss her the most. Getting to spend my time with my Juno just clears up my mind, cheers me up. That's what Juno does best. :')

And today, I met Tacha ( Natasha Razak ). I haven't met her for so long so we decided to hang out for a while at the park. As usual, we..... gossiped. HAHA. What girls do best. Shadap guys. Dengki. ==' we planned to go out tomorrow. Sunway bayby! hehe. Harap2 ayah kasi, okay ayah? Thanks!

hmm, I'm getting bored typing right now. Can I stop? ...


2:09 AM? Okay.

So, let see, bilik nh dah tido, bilik tuh pon dah tido. Bilik aku? Yes. BELUM. :) Esok ade class kan? Iyee Tasha. Class yang paling boring, yang paling tak boleh nak masuk sbb lecturer tuh sangat senang. Masuk class, duduk atas meja dan ajar. Suara slowwwwwwww SANGAT. Kalau die dah penat, die keluar, pegi sap kok lu. Yayy! Encik Hazfahan terbaik. Lepastuh bagi kitorg test. Yayy! ==' Best gila duduk luar bilik berdiri sambil online. Mane ade wifi dalam bilik, luar bilik baru nak ada. Haramjadah. Mafakar you Wifi! Adam, die text sweet2 pastuh die tak reply dah. " Adam, you dah boleh buang dah handphone you tuh " ==' Thaipusam ade ape doh? India pon malas nak cuti bak kata budak India class aku nh. En. Sahir tanya " Kenapa awak tak balik" , lalu die berkata " Takde bajet cik " . Sangat best jawapan die. Ahh, yang penting AKU NAK BALIK NEXT WEEK. MAMA ! ANGAH NAK BALIK NEXT WEEK! NAK JUMPE JUNO! NAK PETIK GUITAR! NAK JUMPA A..." hehehe diam ah! :p But thanks to kawan aku sorang nh yang telah merajinkan diri untuk membelikan bekalan hidup aku yang sudah kehabisan. Thanks Mardiyono! aww. Ehh, kalau malas nk tido, boleh buat ape? Ohyeah, apelagi derr, CS LAH JOM! Ade sape nak battle? Gua dah pro dah nh. teehee Adam cakap pelik aku main cs. And die kata aku lah perempuan paling pelik die penah kenal sbb aku SUKA MAIN CS, AKU SMOKE, AKU KUAT MAKAN. Apedehal. Kan adam kan kan kan kan kan kan KAN? ==' Okay, korang bukan baca pon. Okay, bye. Eh tejap! Ummm, makk, saya lapar haha. Bye!

And then, there's you.

For almost 2months we know each other, it was the best 2months of knowing you, actually. We've gone through ups and downs, we fight and we made up. I don't need to tell you who you are. You know who you are. You're the one who still remains in my heart even though I can't take off my eyes from these cute guys at my college. XD You always assumed yourself to be " not perfect enough " for me, but to me, you're enough. I'm done with cute faces actually. All I want from you is your funny, silly, annoying, sweet heart :') If I can post a blog about you everyday, I would. And the whole blog will be about you. Because I can't think of another person other than you. Don't ask me why if you're reading this, maybe I haven't got the taste of being in this sorta situation for such a long time. Being a single swagger for almost a year turned me into someone I'm not. For instance I wanted to start a relationship, I have to learn back the basics. SHUT UP! I KNOW! :'( The only reason this happens is because, I just wanna forget how it feels to love a person, because guys don't know how to appreciate. So I thought it was the best way to just -forget. I just hope that this will not be my another stupid mistake. Not making a mistake by knowing that you're not my kinda guy but by falling for the wrong person. But :') I know, that it won't happen again, right?


Let's be optimistic.

So, *smiling everything went well. Beyond my thoughts thinking that my only special day would turn out ugly, but hey, I had fun that day. Many wishes from my facebook friends, I got two special surprises from my room mates. First, I got washed with a bucket of maggi soup + maggi + milo + black paper + softlan + something else. And yeah for sure they threw powder instead of flour on my face. Its okay guys. I had fun :) And at night, two of my room mates prepared a meal for me and my friend that happens to have the same birthday as I do. They cooked a ' mangkuk besar ' of maggi then one bucket of KFC. haha. Unforgettable. Then the next day, my family came to see me. Mom bought me a fluffy-heart pillow. :') Thanks ma. Honestly, even though I have no 'fun fun' party or a wild party, but this is quite enough for me. Oh I forgot, I miss my Juno :'( I want to see you so bad. So sooooooo bad, baby. I'll be home in 2 weeks okay? I'll take care of you. Hmmm :'(

So how's life at Poli? Good. Good as always. I have an ' eye crush ' on this guy. Super cute! Nak gigit die. Always bertembung dgn die. And everytime he looked at me, I'm like " weyh jangan lah pandang aku! Jantung aku 200 km/j nh! " HAHA. Okay, I guess thats all. Bye


January's about to burn!

I bet that this month will be THE WORST from any other January I've been through! First, no celebrations, not going back home, Wifi is having a serious time with me, Maxis is also one heck of a shit. I hate it here! Damnnn you POLITEKNIK! Can't you be any worse?! I wanna go back home! I want to see Juno! I want to see my friends! I want my cigarettes! I want my old life back :'( I think I'm going to cry now. Adam, I need you lah shomat! Aku nak jumpa kau taw tak? ==' I don't wanna stay here. Huwaaaaaaa!

So I guess, I can't hope for much this 9th. I can feel that it wont be special. :'(


Miss January.

OMG OMG yayy! Its JANUARY baby! Finally. feuhhh. Hey, hey, I know the celebration was called off, but still, I'm going to enjoy my special day :) I wanna go out shopping! weehee. But mom told me I can't go back home anymore. I had to stay here ==' for months, then I can come home. MONTHS? You've gotta be kidding me. Hmm, mama, angah nk kasut baru boleh? hmm tak pon handphone baru sbb handphone angah nh dah nk roboh. Can aa can aa? I wished it would be this easy. Hmm, so for 2011, I have plenty of resolutions to share with you guys.

Okay, first STOP SMOKING. Second, ACHIEVE 4FLAT IN MY FINALS. Third, BOYFRIEND? hmm, I'll pass :)

*Haa lpstuh kan, yg pasal BOYFRIEND tuh, lpsnh aku malas nk carik/terima lelaki yg muka comel2 jambu2 etc. Pantang aku dpt yg mcm nh, sume nk jugak. Korang ameklah eh yg muka2 mcm nh sbb haaa MUKA JAMBU HATI BATU. Sorry, no offence guys :)

Mummy, I can't wait for 19. I feel much elderly when I'm 19. I feel more, matured. HAHA ape kau gelak2? ==' Taw lah aku pendek. hmm.