All About Him.

like the usual days, me and my favourite guy in the world spent our day at the library, again. haha. where else can we go other than the library. well at least we can get some new information there, right? today, we were in blue. hehe. I had fun every time I see you. happier and happier everyday. so I really don't mind spending my time with you everyday. I felt much better having you around- laughing, joking, sulking, hitting, yelling, starring, haa. :) so like just now, we went to the convocation carnival that our poly is having at the field due to the Convocational Day lah. first, me kina sabar jaya azari madi and meor went for aerobic dance. at night ==' weird isnit? i know. and so ewan was there too :) I told him to be there. we took a walk around the carnival. minum air, makan2, try on hats, OH OH! and I met his friend, Arief. quite annoying with the " eh korang gigi same " thing ==' but I don't mind. suka hati korang lah nak ckp ape. kan ewan kannn? em emmmm (: well, I guess thats it. eh ewangg, i miss youu !

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