chute pour vous :)

i swear that this cartoon strip right here is superrrrrrrrrrr CUTE! I wanna hugggg :'( ewanggg, i need one right now! because, i...mi...mii....mi...mis...miss...y...youuuu. hehehe. i know i know. we had a little ' argument ' that day and now we're doing good. i always know that you can find a way to win my heart back :) i'm glad that things between me and you isn't just phase 1 then game over. we're winning every each level! *affirmative. "APE BENDA AH DORANG NH! KAU CERAMAH LAH SORANG2 YANG PENTING AKU NAK BALIK. CERAMAH LAH FORUM PERDANA LAH. FAK." oppss, sorry. there's an announcement. very disturbing. i have no time for all those, okay? okay. proceed. so, i can't wait to see you again tomorrow. almost everyday i got to see you, well of course ==' if i could, i just wanna spend my time with you. just you. no one else. can i can i? :) hehe

emm, that's all. tired typing already. ^^V


Jar Of Hearts

you wouldn't know how I feel. well of course! because you never cared. don't you?! I knew things like this would come in the way. I've been here before. giving hopes and then turned out to be some bullsh*t. I don't want you to give me FALSE HOPES. If you don't want me, just let me go. I'd rather be alone than being played. who do you think am I? do you think I would be ' okay ' if I see you being ' really ' nice to other girls? ' jangan nak peramah sangat lah kan ' ? please. I can't take another mess, especially with you. I appreciate things between me and you. I never want to end. don't make things worse. it's not about jealousy, it's about what people might think. you have me but you're fooling around with someone else. people will see me like nothing to you. I don't wanna talk much. you'll get it someday. I'm done telling people how I feel but eventually they still don't get it. (,-_____-)


For You I Will.

:') Oh Boy You Left Me Speechless...

"Ridzuan Azmi, Despite All The Thick And Thin We've Been Through, I Don't Care How Bad It Is, I'd Rather Be With You Than Anyone Else And There's A Million Reason Why It's You- And Of Them Is Because, I Believed. "


Twenty Six of March

so basically this is what we do today. Karaoke man! me, dhilah,kina and sab. afterwards we met madi and abe dauh. hehe. quite tiring going to Sungai Besar but we all had fun though :') actually, this is Dhilah's first time to Sungai Besar with us. so we decided to go for karaoke together lah kan. haa.. then we went for ' Layang-layang ' at our poly lah mane lagi kan. and ewan was there too, as usual :) aku nak upload gambar2 tapi ishhhhhh!! takpelah, pagi nty pukul5 time semua manusia dan haiwan dah tak pakai wifi, aku upload. ==' okay. that's all bye. *sakit hati dgn wifi


If I could write about you everyday, I would.

hehehe. so this is us, again, at the poly convocation carnival. this picture was taken at the ' Sup Meletup ' stall. takdelah meletup mane pon ==' actually aku tak rase pon. haha. okay. I bought myself a glow in the dark bracelet. I bought two then ewan bought 3 :) hehehe. one of the best nights I've had with you, sayang. well actually, every time I get to see you was the best moments I had. I love spending my time with you, wasting my time with you, enjoying my time with you, apa2 pon dgn you. you're by fact the only manusia that can make me happy right now eventhough kdg2 you ade buat I rase marahhhhhhh sangat, but you know how to win my heart back. that's us right there playing with the glow in the dark bracelet. hehe sukaaaaaaaaa ;) you know All About Him song by Auburn? " And we don't give a dang-dang-dang about nobody e-e-e~" that's how it is. I don't care what people may say about us. as long as I'm with you, and you're with me, " we are happy family ( lagu Barnie ) " haha tiba2, I don't care. when I'm with you, I'm happy. noktah.
so this is what I remember about us. Hey, we've made it together for 1month :) after that I'll let you decide how's it going to be. but for you to know, I'm always here for you. Open arms and open heart. I hope things between me and you stays this way for a very very very VERY long time, because now with a guy like you, I don't fucking give a damn who passes my way. :)


All About Him.

like the usual days, me and my favourite guy in the world spent our day at the library, again. haha. where else can we go other than the library. well at least we can get some new information there, right? today, we were in blue. hehe. I had fun every time I see you. happier and happier everyday. so I really don't mind spending my time with you everyday. I felt much better having you around- laughing, joking, sulking, hitting, yelling, starring, haa. :) so like just now, we went to the convocation carnival that our poly is having at the field due to the Convocational Day lah. first, me kina sabar jaya azari madi and meor went for aerobic dance. at night ==' weird isnit? i know. and so ewan was there too :) I told him to be there. we took a walk around the carnival. minum air, makan2, try on hats, OH OH! and I met his friend, Arief. quite annoying with the " eh korang gigi same " thing ==' but I don't mind. suka hati korang lah nak ckp ape. kan ewan kannn? em emmmm (: well, I guess thats it. eh ewangg, i miss youu !


Appreciate Them While They're Still Here.

as how much I hate going to KL, but when I'm with my brother, it's not that bad. today, me, my brother and a few of his friends went to KL. I don't have any main purpose to go there, just because my brother asked me to come along and I can use his money first, so, hmm what the heck kan? KL as always, packed with ' baru nak up ' kids. with weird and very annoying way of dress-up, me and my brother are quite a dirty mouth when it comes to judging peoples outfit. haha normal lah tuh kan? we went for KFC lah, mamaklah. he bought himself a new watch, so do I. hehe. just spending our bro-sis times. die pon ade pegi jumpa kawan2 PLKN die, aku pon go along jelah. btw thanks kem belanja aku. nanti aku bayar balik duit kau =='


Always Be My Sun.

i don't care how I spend my time with you. as long as I'm with you, I know that I'll have the best moment ever. getting to know you is something different. especially when I know that you will always be here for me. despite all the emotional things we've gone through I still can't imagine how it feels like to just not be with you. like today, just us two spending our time at Shah Alam. getting to know each other more. i felt happy and happier everytime I get to be with you. singing out loud in the car, enjoying the heavy down pour, stories, stories and stories. sharing every single story we had, laughing all around. I can't lie that what we had today was dull and boring. It was by far the best ones :') maybe you're right. we shouldn't rush about things. maybe we really should just try and get to know each other more because I wanna know you. I wanna be a part of your story when you share it with someone else. I want to be the person that you'll think of everyday. I wanna be the person that you appreciate best. maybe I was to scared that things like ' friends to nothing '. maybe I'm scared of losing you :/ I guess I should try to give you your space for your family, friends and studies. if you take 00.01% space for me and other than that for your priorities, then I don't mind. as long as I'm there. in your heart and mind. it was raining and I get the chance to hold you right in my arms. I gave you my warmth that you probably need. I gave you my time that you can spend with. I gave you my ears to everything you say. I enjoy doing these things for you. when you called, recalling back how we first know each other, frankly said, that was sweet. :') eventhough by that time I'm all tired and exhausted but I felt happy listening to it till tears went down my cheeks. I hope that what we had now and then stays just the way we wanted. if you're happy with me, then I'm more happier to be with you. if you like me, for God sake I like you more. having you close to me made my day. even if rain seemed to take over the sky, still you shine my life like the Sun is forever here beside me. you should know that :)


We Fixed The Fuckin Door!

it was so funny I don't know how to laugh.
and so it was 3:15 p.m something.
me and kina were sleeping because after 12 there's no more class.
when we were enjoying our sleeping momentary ; I heard a very loud
and all-out scream from downstairs.
last night, a girl got hysteria. *scary
and today, I don't know what happen but she yelled so loud I got up.
I went straight to Kina's bed and wake her up.
" Kina kina, bangun. Budak kene histeria
tuh... "
and we both got up and walk out the door to see what happened.
okay, here comes the stupid part.
we were standing outside asking people " weyh ape jadi doh ape jadi?? "
and talk some more and talk some more,
and then came a strong wind that blows our door shut.
( sebelum nh pintu ktorg mmg rosak. kalau nak masuk kene pakai kunci and kunci dr dalam tuh dah tenggelam ).
realizing that our door slammed,
then we sat down outside the hallway thinking how to get in.
( kalau nak tgu si Jah dgn Dhilah balik, terpaksa tgu sampai dorg habis class ; 4:30 ptg ) =='
so we asked our neighbour in case they know how to open the door.
and luckily Kak Nora and Kak Nurul knows how :)
they told us to used a hard-really hard card and slit the card through the door lock.
me and kina were like robbers! hahaha
and then we did it :)
still, I want to fix the key that sank into
the knob.
so kina took something sharp and ' godek2 ' the door.
all of a sudden the door was back to normal. YAYYYY! haha
so that's basically what happened today.
and plus, today is Ridzuan Azmi's birthday. hehe
we had late and long night calls, I met him just now and gave his present.
hopefully he lik
es it :/
hmm well I gue
ss that's all. ciao :)


There's No Other Sun That I Need Other Than You.

right now, okay this is crappy. I'm at the library. sadly, ewan's not here with me like it should be. btw, he's not here because his grandfather just passed away and he had to go to his ' kampung '. so today, I had my lunch, just with my friends. hmm. it feels weird and utterly upsetting not getting to see you after 2days we've been apart. I didn't get to present today because I'm not well-prepared yet. so I'll present tomorrow. hopefully I'll get to impress the lecturer and the whole class. english is never difficult when you watch cartoon everyday-like I do when I'm a kid. ohh how much fun I had talking to him last night. I just looooove late night calls. hanging on the phone talking about random stuffs, laughing when everybody's sleeping, just be someone you are- honest, and just pretend that we're talking face to face. but jyeahh frankly, it's sad. we made a deal to wear the same colour again today and have lunch together. hmm, hopefully you'll be here by tomorrow. and for you to know, my day gets even better when you become the Sun of my day because you don't know how it may brighten up my fucking dull life :)


Pain = Fucked Up!

today, I forced myself to play badminton eventhough my condition wasn't fine yet. my whole body is cramped. I can't move too much. I got ' melecet ' on my knees. but today too, hehe again I spent my day with, ehemmm, Ridzuan Azmi lahhhh. I hate this pain thingy! it hurts like WTF! I just asked Mai to massage me and hmm, hopefully it'll get better by tomorrow. Ewan is in Shah Alam right now. he has to go back home just for his brother. at least I got to spent some time with you after you go. :) huhu my body's swollen. :'( I can't run, I can't walk that much. how am I supposed to do things tomorrow? DAHLAH ADE CERAMAH LAGI! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa D';
can I be excused? :'(


Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, please?

" ouh cik natasha azlan . past few days ni n until nw . nyte and day . fb to fon . yellow n purple . admin to hostel . appertizer to dessert . tym to another tym . gemok munchett . sukaaa duka tanges majuk rianng tawa gembira mewarnai tiap masa . riinnn...du awak jugaa tatashangg :) "

so, today, again haha I spent my day with Ridzuan Azmi. we read books at the library. laughing w
hile reading ' Lat the Kampung Boy ' book. we played badminton eventhough I've hurt my knees. sakit okay melecet. but hey, I had fun though :) thanks again for spending your day with me even if I'm too dead boring to you. I'm glad that I know you the first place. ohh and that text up there, he just sent me that. sweet huh? :') " ewanggggg!!! nak kek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


Look On The Bright Side.

okay, today was one heck of a day. I'm friggin tired with the seminar thingy. 2hours spent inside the dewan syarahan, KEBAS MY ASS! but the seminar was fun though. lotsa games and stuffs. luckily today, no class AT ALL! and guess who me kina and sabariah hangout with? hehe. Ladies and Gents, meet Ridzuan Azmi.I know this guy through my friend, Maisurah. Superrrrr funny. kina cakap gigi aku dgn die same ( rabbit ) ==' so kitorg bawak si mamat nh pegi cafe asrama sbb die dah lame tak pegi sane since die duduk luar. btw, ewan nh dah sem5 :) different course lahh. die amek ape tah. teknologi komputer something2. ewan duduk shah alam. dekat kan? hehe. harinh me and ewan wore the same colour. Purple :) haha comel tak comel tak? thanks to kina for capturing this. I'm glad that I know you. I don't know why but at least aku takdelah rase mcm bosan gila duduk sini kan. ada jugak orang gila mcm die nk yang aku boleh layan :p hehe sorry ewangg! yesterday actually, kitorg dah jumpa jugak. smlm pakai colour ape? Kuning. haha tak nampak tulisan ==' aku dah tataw nak ckp ape dah. oh jap, ade lagi satu gmbr. haa dah, okay bye :'D


roomates :)

hehe these are my kickin ass awesome roomates. Dhilah, Fizah, Kina. I can't get any better roomates than you guys. Hopefully we'll stick together as long as we can.
actually gambar nh kitorg baru balik dari PI ( pusat islam ). ehemm, jubah baru :p Thanks to mama lahh. I looked like Hajjah sudahhh ==' but still nice though. Angah suka suka suka :) Harinh, aku sorang jea among my roomates yang solat. sabo jelah. yang lain2 nh, hm mu pahe dok? haha.
hmm sumpahmalasnaktulispanjang2.klahbye.


night *yawnn blogging.

so it's already 3.14. I've been cracking my head doing my freakin' ass assignments. 3-4 ASSignments that have to be submitted on this Monday. quite (Y) huh? so that picture right there, that's mine. latest. ahah lameass. hey, I'm home! haha. I'm not really that happy being home. at least I got to see my baby and four new ones. So comel okay? yauch geram! and and, today, (A) IM-ed me. he told me to not ' boros ' and don't eat maggie too much. :') you see?! that's why he's been my favourite. only he doesn't see it. but that's okay. I already told him once and hopefully he'll remember that. Me and family went to Shah Alam for dinner today. we went for pizza baybie! imagine me, eating 3 slices of it a bowl of soup + breadstick + one glass of pepsi. Finished! haha. my stomach was bloated! luckily I'm satisfied with it. alhamdulillah :) and that's me and my preggy baby Juno. yeah, she's gotten bigger than I thought. besar dah baby kan? " omaigod, adik aku mengigau. die ckp ' sebenarnye mcm nh ' byk kali! HAHA! " okay. Juno, she's more furious. she's always angry. biaselah. pregnant ==' but still, I LOVE YOU kan sayang? my favourite baby ever. aku balik rumah, kau dah tak pakai loceng kau kan? sampai hati. nanti aku pakaikan balik okay? baru comel like always. hehe. so I guess that's about it. I should be off to bed now. super tired. and I have to go back to that so-called-hell place.

lots and loads of love,
natasha. xx


Reassembling. Goodluck!

" Some days you feel like falling and people tell you that you can't get up, that's the moment that you have to stand up and say " Watch me. "

okay, I know those words aren't the right words but still the same point. I won't let people take me down for I have the strength to keep myself strong. actually, I don't know whatthe hell am I jabbering about. haha. My friend, Hafidzah has gone back home leaving only me, kina and dhilah. dhilah's going home tomorrow. me? *sigh. I guess I'm staying here, for the rest of my life D'; so today, hmm not that much to tell. seriously today was dead boring. that ' Budak Comel ' guy kept showing up on my face. can you go somewhere else would yah?! I've had it with you! always looking at me but when I text you, err you S.O.A.B! sorry, you're cute but I hate you. hmm, I guess that's all. running out ideas, and I', running away!!!!!!!!