Footprints In My Heart.

hye bloggers. so it's been awhile i didn't update my blog. didn't really get the time to do so. and right now, i just have the feeling to post this. so i just look through my boyfriend's facebook and he posted a status saying " i am sorry ". and one of his friends asked him why and he said " drama love relationships ". i mean, is there anything wrong with our relationship? this thing has been playing around my head. i don't want to think about things like this. i shouldn't. like technically there's nothing wrong with us. we're doing just fine and then all of sudden you feel like something's wrong somewhere. i just hope our bond will keep strong as ever. i never wanted anything more than him, Ridzuan Azmi.


Too bad, but Alhamdulillah.

so there you are. the all-been-waiting-for result has been revealed. i don't have anything much to say but i'm quite proud of myself that i don't fail anything. hmm, okay that's good that dad's babbling. i think i can go die now. bye :'(


macam bodoh.

okay, sorry gmbr nh mcm kecik. but seriously, this is utterly, BULLSHIT! aku dah bayar semua yg dorg suruh bayar, kau nak tahan result aku? i don't fucking get it man. kalau kene tahan sbb my discipline, what-te-vah! but pleaseeeeee, this is my first. knp lah kau kne spoil everything. shishhh! =='



check out my new notebook skin! haha leopard okay. and it's furry too. em emm :) me likey. mom bought it. guess how much it cost? :) RM3.60. so i bought two. haha. come ask me where i get it. benda nh sebenarnye bukanlah notebook skin. ia cume sticker biasa tp apadahal kan. boleh jea tampal dkt notebook aku. :) so besides this thingy, i got myself a new baju. supperrrrrrr nice. and and i got this pants. pattern dia patches, lepastuh its sorta look like the aladdin pants. sorta. and, that's all. kbye =='


Open the door, get your feet walking.

Pukul pagi-petang :
hyee girls guys pondan pengkid semua. so today memang hari yang penat sampai pundi kencing saya hampir rosak. woke up at 8something and getting ready to go out. me, my dad and my brother went to Aswara College. adik aku ade interbiu kt sane. he' taking music. so far the interview went well. hell yeah! from 11pagi, pukul4 lebih baru kne panggil. stupid gile. tp kann, i think Aswara is pretty cool. sorta Lim Kok Wing. market gila. and guess who i met there? Aez Aziz. if you ask me friend, Keyna, she would be jumping up and down. so-called the hottest guy dkt poly. ==' die teman kawan die pegi interview jugakk. then i got a call from eqa. mcm biaselah ajak lpk.

Pukul petang-malam :
okay, sampai rumah terus siap, pegi rumah eqa, keluar. with her aunt. sporty one :) jalan jalan jalan jalan jalan. you know, after i reached home, my otak went pusing2 mcm bodoh. aku pon tak faham. err. tired sgt kot. OF COURSE I AM! damnnnn tired. so itu jelah. sucks kan? kbye


Cumon' Tasha.

hye guys and gals. so it's almost 3 in the morning. i'm not asleep yet and there's a reason for that. i don't feel so good these days. i've been going down all the time. i mean, OF COURSE i'm feeling down! i haven't see my boyfriend for like 5days i think. ehh, 5days is like 5years. tolonglahh faham :'( i'm dying, craving for his pampering. fuck, i miss you! faham tak??!! erghh! simpan, pendam, perap rasa rindu sampai bengkak jantung aku nh. shitzz. he's so busy working, and i'm so busy with nothing. pfftt. " bila kau nk kerja nh sha? " haa aku pon tataw lah bila. stop asking yourself tasha. " okay... " =='

so what do you do today, Tasha?
well, basically just staying at home. Eqa was at home that petang. lepak2 after awhile we haven't seen each other. lama gila okay? Eqa shared her stories, so do i. and we chased after her cat, Peaches who's been running here and there, masuk bawah kereta nh, masuk bawah kereta tuh. hey, her cat is one heck of a cat. GANAS NAK MAMPUIH! i don't know what happened to that cat but it seemed really angry today. maybe she hates looking at my face ==' duhh. well, literally that's all we did today.

How's boyfriend going, Tasha?
boyfriend's doing good. he's tired working. today, he finished work at 6. and didn't even call/text me. so i called him via ' telefon rumah ' and ask him how is he today. he said sakit pinggang bagai. poor baby. gotta work hard kan sayang? fighting! i just don't know. somehow talking to him today was, a little quiet. we don't laugh a lot. tooooo much serio
us in our conversation. you know how much i hate being so serious when i'm with him. i don't know whenever i can see him again. i miss him :'( i really do. i feel like going to his workplace and just smudged his face until he faints! i miss you a lot bby. i miss our times when we were busy 'manja2-ing' and singing and enjoying our day. please, i beg you, ya Allah, ketemukan lah aku dgn Ridzuan Azmi secepat mungkin. even just a minute. one hug, one kiss, is enough.


Fuck you 2months.

no no, I don't just ' fuck ' somebody. its just that i'm sick and fucking booooooring! i mean, what the hell should i do for 2months of holiday? i was thinking of getting a job but em, everything doesn't seem to be in place. kelam kabut lah senang cakap. hmm. so yesterday i went lepak2 with atiq. one of my still standing friends. hmm, ewan pon dah start keje. do i need to mention where? tak payah lah kan. honestly, after he started working, we rarely talk. biaselah kan. we only talk after he has finish his work. i don't know bile lagi dpt jumpe die. he's busy with his friends, family and never got the time for me. so i'm kinda upset but what to do right? aku nh duduk 5batu jauh dr die. at least a phone call in the middle of the night is fine. i'm cool with that. so i guess i'll try to work on something this fucking 2months. hopefully i get to do something. *sigh