Who am I? :)

okay, this would be very verrryyyy long. hehe. hye! as uolls know, I'm Natasha. The most outstanding*eceh. So let's start. I was born on the 9th of January. Those who had seen my baby pictures they thought I was some chinese kiddo. even now they said the same thing. yupp, i'm a mixture of bugis and chinese. I have 5sibs. The first is my brother, I'm the second, my brother, a sister and another brother. I'm close to my brother, Akem. He taught me how to play guitar, smoke weed =.=' I spend more time with him because he understands me well. I have my mom, my dad. The ones that completes every family tree. Friends? Countless but these are the best ; Eqa Mazhar, Shakeyna Nurul, Natasha Razak, Amier Nasir, Siti Nur Abilah. Enemies? Hmm, dont try to be one. You'll be sorry. Currently I'm furthering my studies in Diploma Hotel & Catering management. I enjoy learning this shit. But I'm not enjoying where my college is located. Sabak Bernam =.=' pfftt. Relationship status? Single and loving it. I broke up with my last ex somewhere in July 2011. So much for his " I love you, I miss you " what-so-ever. Right now, I'm just keeping myself busy with my studies. Boys? Just for fun :) I'm a smoker. A very heavy one. Dunhill's my favourite. But I can go with anything actually. I smoke weed once. That's when my brother asked me if I wanna try. Bodoh akem. That's the last of it. Not gonna try anymore. I don't hangout that much. I prefer the walking alone at the park or going to a calm place where there's no noise. The huha huha, err, not so much. I'm not the sexy kinda girl. I don't go out wearing hotpants/sleeveless outfit etc. I like jeans and tees. Simple as that. I'm short in person. 155cm. I'm a skinny ass too. 43kg. I like shopping. Yuh, like every girl does. I'm a handbag collecter. I have tons of handbags in my room. I could even open a store. haha. kiddinggg. I own a cat. The name's Juno. Juno is my baby. I took care of her since she was just a tiny wittle baby :') I don't wear plenty of make ups. Powder, eyeliner, eyebrows done and a dash of lipgloss. I love my hair. I once cut it short. Okay, regretful. No more short hair. I'm not choosy at choosing friends. You wanna be my friend, with honor. You don't wanna be my friend, yeah, with honor as well. Omaigad, suddenly I'm running out of ideas. haha. okay, I think I wanna stop now. kbye

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