It should be, but unfortunately...

hye. so, today is the 3rd November and tomorrow? Yes. The 4th. hmm. Well, it should be me and my ex's 7 months anni but yeah, 'ex'. So I wanna write about it. The first time I went out celebrating monthsary with him. We went out to Sunway. He took me to Baskin Robin for my favourite ice cream. And then we went to Asia cafe. Played foosball with him. Then took pictures in his car, videos. And then we went to Tasik Budaya Shah Alam. Took a walk there. The place where he proposed. Then met his friends there. Sat by the lake watching little turtles. hm. I wished we would still be together. If we do, we're already 8 months. Well, I'm still like this when he now has a girlfriend. Too much luck for me, I guess. Let's just let the time flies. Someday, I'll even forget what the 4th to what month really means to me. :')

Happy it-should-be 7 months, r.a.

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