Breakdown, again?

I'm losing myself again. I let myself lose. :'(
Why can't I be strong? I know I can.
But tonight, seemed wrong.
Things have changed. He's changed.
Why can't I accept that??
Why am I being this way?
All of a sudden my heart falls to the ground.
I can't even reach to pick it up.
It gets even harder and harder.
The feeling of knowing...
That time can never turn back around.
But still, I refuse to let myself free.
I bounded myself with losing, hopeless, faithless...
Wishing that things could go back to the way it used to
It's never gonna happen! Snap out of it will yah!!?
Please :'(
My heart isn't that strong. Don't torture yourself , Tasha.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Please :'(

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