Destination : Johor Bahru

hyee! so currently I'm at Johor Bahru. My uncle just got engaged here. Everything went well. My first day here, I got the chance to meet my old friend, Tuah. We've known each other from Myspace till now. He's changed tho. After 2years I haven't met the guy. He even said that I've changed. haha. People changed. Normal thing. And just now we had a family dinner at this kedai makan that serves ' kacang poll '. Its this food that serves 'roti bakar not-so bakar with butter' and eat with this sort-of corny dog sauce. Bashkita(yummy in Korean)! But now, I'm back to being hungry again. Erghh. So not cool right now. Basically, we all don't go around that much. Everybody's busy watching football. Again, erghh. Hm, so I guess that's all about today. dasi da-eum sigan chamjo!

안녕 ^^

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