Raya 2011

hyeeee uolls ;) Eh, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. Sorry lah kalau aku buat salah kt korang. k,dah habis disitu. Harinh dah raya ke2, kan? yelah kot. harinh dah masuk 4hari, kot aku duduk kt kampung dkt pahang nh. 1st raya was the best. Karok dgn cousins, tgk Man Utd vs Arsenal match dkt mamak, lpk teluk chempedak. everything runs well when you have all your cousins around you. HAPPENING! laughing, gossiping. hehe. I'm so gonna miss this year's Raya. because 1: Uncle or so-called-uncle Samuel isnt here to disturb my family again, 2: me and my cousins get to bond even tighter :) even tho aku takde boyfriend nk omey2 di bulan yang mulia dan lagi indah ini, but i have my family :') the best thing ever that no one can offer. Selamat hari raya again guys and have a great one.


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