Goodbye? Not yet.

so here I go again. starting my late night sobering mood. I mean, why should I feel this way man? get a grip Tasha! why is it so hard for me to let go? the more I tried to let go, the more I get too attached to him. like just now before berbuka, he came to my house. he wanted to open fasting at my house but he had three friends with him so I'm a little bit shy, okay? dgn rumah bersepahnye. atoi. yknow, even tho he treated me like I'm his 'membe2', still I can't get away from that feeling that he is still my boyfriend. cacat kan aku? tak reti2 nak let go. so just now, aku baru habis lepak dgn mbe baru. people called him Ayoi. I think thats how it spelled. main guitar depan rumah, sap kok, borak2 and all of a sudden, cop cop, time tuh aku tgh online pesbuk pastuh aku bukak page Ridzuan Azmi then Ayoi tye, " ehh aku mcm knl jea tuh. mbe2 aku gak tuh". and I went " sewious???" alahai, knl rupanyeww. macikau. then borak2, main guitar buat bising di kejiranan. haha. orang pegi terawih aku buat 'terawih' depan rumah. elok sgt lah tuh. hesh. skrg baru settle assignment yg cukup memberangsangkan, Mathematics ==' baru buat sikit dah tepu otak. tasha tasha. haiseymen... and here's some bad news :

Kina is about to leave me alone :'( this Sunday she'll be going inside, hostel ! sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh

so after this, aku duduk lah dgn jiran tetangga aku. alone, takde geng nk gossip2, main guitar, sap kok tgk cerita Fasha Senduk ptg2. babi ahh. menciwk dowh camniew! :'( ape2 pun, i'll try to have some fun out here. alahh biaselah, starting to get used to living on my own. :) onward and upward tasha. onward and upward I say :)

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