Saturday's agenda.

Morning-afternoon : okay, the first thing I did was going to Shah Alam for some assignments. Kina and Mai were there too. after all had been settled, I was thinking of seeing him and after some calls that he didn't picked up, his sister answered his phone. she said he was sick. so I decided to stop by to see if he's okay. and I did :) it was a short visit. I had to go out with my family. for SHOPPING!

Afternoon-evening : so there we were at Plaza Alam Central. the place was packed! the crowd was stinky! haha. as always, my eyes caught many things. I saw pwetty shoes, pwetty clothes, everything PWETTY! :'( and Alhamdulillah I got myself one baju kurung and it looks so friggin pretty i can't wait to put em on. all that's left now is my raya shoes and handbag. teehee ;) and there's this one thing me and my brother did I seriously wont forget. we parked our car at the mall then we walked by feet to SACC. tataw lah pulak time tuh nk hujan. tibe2 ha amek lebat nak mampuih! so by sudden dad told me to get to the car and drive it to SACC and pick them up. so aku dan hakim berjalan lah dalam hujan lebat berbumbungkan payung yang kecik dan comel. habis baju lenjun, seluar lenjun, rambut lenjun, beg lenjun, ape pon tak pat. dgn penuh gagah aku dgn adik aku jalan dalam hujan gelak2. it was fun for a second thought :) dalam bulan puasa, this is the most daring day. jalan dalam hujan, lalu sebelah bazar bau sedap2. honestly Allah tested our patience today and Alhamdulillah we did it :)

so i guess that would be it. cherios :)

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