Talking To The Moon.

I guess it's too early to be so happy and all. You know you just hate that feeling when you're almost there but then you realized that you have to turn back. we went back to memory lane. it made me feel like, we can just, go back :'( but now i feel like we can't, again. i got too close to you day by day and the closer i get to you, the more pain i felt. reading your conversations with some particular girls that might be, hmm.. :'( for one second you were the light of my life but then you turned off. what was i thinking? HE WONT COME BACK TASHA! FUCK! JUST LET HIM GO! :'( stop keeping your faith on him, tasha. he just won't come back. you're ugly, you're stupid. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO PLEASE HIM? NOTHING!! live alone , tasha :'( that's where you're supposed to be. You tried so hard to get back to him, tasha, still he won't be coming back. Let go, tasha. Let go :'(

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