There's a Sun at night?

OF COURSE THERE IS! especially when something really, reallyyyyyyyy good happened :) okay. story from A-Z lah okay?

Pada suatu hari, aku sangat mengikut perasaan marah lalu post ayat ini di Facebook " I HOPE THE NEXT GIRL GIVES YOU HERPES". ingatkan die tak terasa. lalu aku melakukan sedikit penyiasatan melalui orang2 tertentu. hasilnya? okay, die terasa. maigadd! sumpah aku nh kelam kabut. cepat2 cari idea mcm mane nak mintak maaf. asyik hantar text jea. replynye pon idok. maybe by sending him something that MAYBE he could appreciate a little and so I made him a card. I spent 3hours cutting and pasting and cutting and some more pasting and walah! I was too scared to sent right to his face so I ask someone to do the job for me. cuak okay nk taw his reaction. so I gathered all my guts to ask him if he forgives me. aku whatsapp jelah " would you forgive me? " and he replied " :) " you know, some people take this very 'silly-ly' but I dont okay! I was on the couch golek2 giggle sorang like what the hell is wrong with me? right now tgh golek2 giggle2 atas katil pulak. suka hati aku lahhhhh kan. haa. cerita die skrg, I realized that what I did was wrong eventho I hold too many grudge on him because he broke my heart, ignored me, but I have no rights to judge him. I have no rights to tell him these kinda things. I regretted. So I decided to apologize and hopefully things will get back to normal. feuhhhh

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