A Little Bit Lost.

oh gosh, whats wrong with you Tasha? Duhh how should I know! I've been waking up late these few days, I don't wake up for sahur thats for sure, I always miss the bus to college, I go to class looking so fucked up horrible, I took a really long sleep sampai lupa dunia. fuck! and right now, i felt neglected :'( thats the worst part of it. Kina is no longer near me to share stories with, to laugh with, to smoke with. currently I can say I have no close friends, no boyfriends or whatever to keep me company. I'm really relying on Ridzuan Azmi to text me whenever I feel lonely and feeling of a need to talk to someone. But its not like he's around all the time. I feel like crying right now :'( seriously say, i'm already at my weakest point. breaking down down and down. usually this is the moment when all you really need is a hug. Nak hug :'( my heart tibe2 pounding like what the hell kau nh jantung? shishh. honestly I don't understand what am i facing right now. Is this like when I was in Form 2? The phase where I started to lose my grip in life and break down but still stood strong in silence and all of a sudden a person shows up with an intention of accompanying me but in the end happens to be a backstabbing douche? and then I wouldn't careless about what happen and then true friends started to pop up out of nowhere? That's how I go thru during Form 2. quite harsh aint it? I realized that I'm no longer the same person. I've changed a little. I have no idea which part but I can feel it. hmm :( i know it's hard Tasha. But you're so strong. You've gone thru a lot, still you never fall apart. Keep it strong Tasha. Onward and upward. *asyik ckp sorang2 jea aku nh =='

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