We'll be doing alright.

hyeeeeeeee bloggers and readers and stalkers ;) i miss blogging. hehe. currently, me and my housemates are watching Flat 3A. me? sibuk online and blogging. hehe. i dont know why but i feel energetic today even when i heard that today's class should be in the morning not in the afternoon. punyelah aku siap awal gila, naik bas awal gila, sampai college jumpe classmate pakai baju biasa, katanya nk pulang. aishh. but i dont want it to bother me so i keep my chin high and start my mood up. i started laughing, dancing with kina. and i dont feel down anymore. i even cooked today! hahahah. unbelievable? you better believe it :) i cooked my dad's chicken curry. aummm ^^ thank God my housemates liked it. hehe. so tomorrow got no class. cuti lah katakan. duduk jelah rumah, tido sampai tak bontot berakar. yayy! haha. hmm, itu jelah kot nk cerita for today. nothing much kan? because my days has been an average day. kan? well, i guess that's all. bye ;)

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