So here's the thing :

You know, I get really annoyed with Malay girls these days. You know why? Here's why :

- So I was at Sunway Pyramid with my family for a little shopping. Then I saw this girl. She was wearing a really, REALLY short skirt. Babe, if you happen to have the most drop dead gorgeous legs, I don't mind but seriously, you need to hide those legs honey. Don't show off your ' perfect ' legs to the public especially now its Fasting Month. BULAN PUASA ! Respect lah orang lain bodo. Perempuan apelah kau nh. Pastuh taknak cakap lah make up pulak tebal mane. Kalau letak die sebelah Ronald McDonald, dah nampak mcm sibling taw tak? ishh, pity you. Aku sebagai kaum perempuan malu kot kau keluar mcm tuh. Pastuh dok tergedik2 dgn jantan. Adoi. Memalukan gileww!

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