remember when I taught you how to use Skype and then you're getting good with it?

you are by fact the most charming guy ever :')

and called you ' biskut tiger' and you called me ' hup seng ' :'D

you picked up lyrics from songs, and that actually won my heart :)

and you always offered hugs if I've gotten angry/sad with you :')

and then I decided to tell you...

that I like you <3

and then we would ' dodoi ' each other before bed. :') the best part!

he sent me ' Just The Way You Are ' by Bruno Mars. <33>and I gave him a song too by Paramore, ' The Only Exception ' :')

Adam once told me to enjoy the little things in life. I do. And these are the little things I see all day. unfortunately I have no one to appreciate it with. It was my mistake at first to believe that after I met you, things will go differently. No more lies, no more leaving, no more stupid excuses. but, you did it again. :')

that's our little memory. the only picture of me and you but we can't see you :'D

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