Monster within us.

To wake up, and to look at your phone and there's no text messages for you, to see that there's no missed calls from the person you expected. When you feel like you've plenty of credits but you don't seem to be using them a lot, and then realized that you have no one to talk to. Felt lonely at the moment you look through your inbox messages. How can you handle your feelings? Wouldn't it be easier if you could just forget and laugh? Wouldn't it be fun if you could just say " Hey! " to the whole world so that they can see that you're happy and don't seem to be having any problems in life? Wouldn't it be happy to just be happy for one second and enjoy the rest of it ? But then, you'll realize that no one needs you. And thank God there's dream so that everyone could run away from real life for awhile. Because I don't think I could handle real life.

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