Congrats, baby :')

baby, remember how I used to take care of you? how I took you from your mother after she left you all alone outside my house? when I called out your name in the drain and you would be running out towards me? you were so small at that time. everyday I would find you just to hold in my hands. to cuddle you and pinch you face. then play ropes with you. I also remember there's one time that I thought I'd almost lost you when I found out that you weren't home. I thought I had lost you ' again '. but I kept my faith strong that I'll find you, and I did. from that day, I'd promised to make sure that you'll grow stronger like me. Juno, you and me have no differences. we both are small, kan kan kan? :) you need love and care as much as I do. we're fun and need someone to cheer us up.
and now, getting to see you growing up makes me soooo proud you know that sayang? to see that you've complete my life. when days getting longer, and till the day that I have to be away from you, all I could ever wish for is for you to always stay the same until I get back to you. still the fun, crazy, bangang Juno. you left me scars but I don't mind scars from you. at least I have memories beyond those scars. and now, mom told me you're pregnant. HAHA sayang! you're TOO small to get pregnant. I don't mean by your age but your size lah baby. but somehow Allah has given you 'rezeki' and I want you to take care of them just like how I took care of you back in the days. you can be a good mummy kan? I love you and I miss you Juno :'( I think about you everyday because we used to spent our boring days together. I don't need to get out of the house to hangout with anyone because I have you. you are all I need. you are my cure to every sickness, boringness, loneliness, sadness. you are the reason I stand strong till today. you made me tougher to go through thick and thin. omg, I feel like crying now. :') you don't know how proud I am to own you. Juno, you are indeed my best-est soulmate ever. I love you and I always do.

Really lots of love,
natasha <3

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