Tenacious Me.

tak sangka dah 10 bulan. kuatkan saya? memanglah aku kuat. walaupun nampak phlegmatic tapi, dalam hati siapa yang tahu ? :') okay, frankly, I'm not over this bastard. I called you that because you called yourself by that word. I miss you stupid. I miss you :'( everytime I woke up, the first thing I do is angkat my phone, tgk if there's any misscall or text messages from you. tapi? TAKDE! :'( kau memang dah lupa kt aku completely kan? just because I told you I'll forget everything about you means kau pon boleh buat the same thing is it? it hurts, kau taw tak?! you're still niggling in my head ! you mean so much to me. knowing that you're no longer around, buat aku sayu. we used to say things sampai 'tersyamsul'. we used to have sweet conversations * mcm org lain tak penah. D.I.C? no :) bastard, knp engkau? remember tak kau penah ckp kt aku kau byk jerawat and aku akan terkejut tgk kau? SIKIT PON AKU TAK KISAH! when i said, you mean a thousand millions and zillion times to me, I don't give a damn about all those. yg penting, I love you :'( seriously, I do. aku rase dah masuk brpe kali aku ckp ' I love you' kt kau tp kau tak ckp balik. sabo jelah ==' Okay Adam Jamil, I don't know what else to say. my heart, my thoughts went obstreperous thinking about you!! kau masih lingering dalam hidup aku, Adam :( You bring big metamorphosis in my life. I hate you for that.


  1. Like you said, be strong sayang. We're going some tough phase now and hopefully we're be stronger than ever :) Hey I love reading ur blog laa.

  2. jyeahh. I know I'm strong. that's what made me today :) hehe thanks !