High Expectations can kill.

Some days I feel like going off the cliff waving goodbye while tears run down my shaking cheeks. Thinking about what I really deserve to be and to do. Knowing that certain people don't need me in their lives. Been thrown away like I'm nothing. During my fall, I'll remember how sweet life can be at times, but then there comes a time when you stop fighting for something you want and you crush and smash those hopes you thought it would be realized. I'll remember how it feels to be in love, how it feels to hold someone by the hand and tell them to never let go. Eventually, they will. People used to tell me, " if you are given a chance, don't ever let it slip away. " Hmm, I did. A millions of times. And I've never regret about it. I believe in my way. I'll let my heart beats faster then break into pieces. I'll even keep my tears for someone who would really appreciate it. I won't listen to all the advices telling me to change. I WON'T! I just wanna stay this way on hoping one day someone will tell me not to change because he likes me for who I am. It's pretty sad to look at myself in the mirror, putting on my eyeliner, glossing my lips-red, wearing my best outfit, ready to go out into the world who won't even bother to know who I am.

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