Valentines Day? Pffttt

Hmm, let's see. Tomorrow's Valentines Day and guess what? I have no one to wish that to :') But I don't mind. Its not like we Muslims can celebrate that day. Haram you know... ==' Okay, so me and Adam, now, are not talking to each other anymore. I decided to just pull us apart rather than falling for someone who's never going to be ready for me. But that's okay. I'm better off this way plus I'm already used to it so it doesn't affect me a lot *lying. From the day I was born, I've never gave up on anything. I believe that someday, jyeah someday :') it will all be okay. Somehow I just have to keep my faith still. My biggest weakness can never be my biggest path of failure but it will be my strength to keep moving on. Damn, ape kebenda aku mencarut nh? Nice words from someone you don't expect to be nice. Haha. Oh oh! And and, I've never stop thinking of " Budak Comel ". Cumon! When can I ever talk to you!? We keep staring at each other but its just that. hmm, nak hampa lagi kea? Okayy :/ Hopefully someday I'll get the chance to talk to you :)

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