The Warm Serenity.

Hyeeeeeeee! ;D hehe so it's already late night. I got my second last paper tomorrow and i tak tidur2 lagi. why tasha WhyYWHYY????!!! so today, me my sayang and dhilah went for a movie. korang taw kan I'm like dying to watch The Roomate kan? sampai kat tmpt wayang, takde ==' still ktorg tgk jugak cerita lain. we watched the Scream 4. stupid with horror kinda genre. here's my advice, kalau kau ade lemah jantung kea, cpt terkencing dalam seluar kea, cepat muntah kea ape, jangan watch this shit. sumpah this movie main2 with your organs. so that's basically what we did today. ha

after i got back to my room, lack of energy, change to my boxers and singlet. straight to bed. i slept for hours and hours. i woke up with a dream inside my head. a dream that seemed to
be making me down. i dreamed of me and my boyfriend, fighting until i cried but he refuse to talk to me. he ignores me. i was like " weyhh apehal mimpi mcm nh! " so actually what happened before i sleep was, i text my boyfriend a 5pages of text message saying how sorry i am for being to emotional today. we barely talk. we barely hold our hands. inside his car, we didn't even look at each other so much. i carried guilt on my shoulder. i saw tense on his face. i was to scared to approach him and ask. i don't know okay?! i'm like friggin scared! :'( so by the time we reached poly, and right after i got outside his car, he said " I love you and thanks for today sayang. " well duhhh, i felt relieved lah kan. haa. still, those guilts, masih ade. so sebelum tidur, i sent him message tuh lah. and we're back on track. he apologized too. but i know mostly it was my fault. well, duhh, obviously it was. i shouldn't stay quiet. i should ask him what's wrong and stuff. but i didn't. :'( bad girlfriend, right? :( but bby, seriously, with all my heart, i'm dead sorry! i'm sorry for everything i did. i'm like the person who ruins every happy days. i wish i can be better for you. but i'm gonna try yknow. i'm gonna! :') I love you, Ridzuan Azmi. i love the walk on the beach, playing hide and seek *LOL, and many more things we did. awak buat saya sayangkan awak gilew gilew taw. HAHAH.

well, i guess that's all for today. xoxoxo

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