Aku nak update sebab aku sedih, ok?

hmm, assalamualaikum.
so today's post is about I'm doing fine.
How would you feel when your boyfriend says this to you :
" habistuh you nak bunga2 jea kea setiap masa? "
Bunga2 as in ' ayat berbunga-bunga romanctic2. taw kan?
well apparently, it hurts. :'(
I don't know if you purposely say that to make me feel stupid or something.
I know that we can't 'Bunga-bunga' all the time,
but I'm the kinda girl that thinks being TOO serious could kill a relationship.
I hate dull and serious relationship.
I stayed with you because you're not and I was hoping for you to not let me down.
And I do know that I may sometimes might have said things that you would take seriously.
All you need to do is tell me.
If you hate me being this way or that way, tell me.
That's if you want me to be better for you.
but yeah, I'm doing fine :')

p/s : like right now, I'm already packing my bags. aku dah basuh semua baju, gosok semua baju for exam, yang dah tak pakai aku dah humban masuk bag. after 28th, the last paper, I'm straight back home.

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