Night Shift.

alamak, alapak, alakak! sorry lah kan mcm dah lama tak update. padahal... =='

hehe you guys must have been wondering what's been going on the past few days. okay. my laptop isn't so well. cop cop, not my laptop. my charger! hmm :( so my laptop has been so quiet and still these days. so here's the sip ;

Wednesday, 13/04/11-Thursday, 14/04011 ; So twas 5petang something and I walk my feet towards the gate of Politeknik yadda yadda yadda. and there he was. my sayang tercinta loveable boypreng waiting in his car with his three-quartered tshrt and jeans. me? i'm in my white tshirt worn with my hoodies. selekeh, i know. got inside his
car and WHOOOOSSSHHHH!! heading down to his rumah sewa to fetch along/arief. rilek2 kejap, tgu arief packed his things and then off we go! Dalam kereta, twas 7-8 something i guess, we were on our way to Damansara to pick up arief's friend and her name is Baiti. afterwards we head down to umm, where ha? oh oh, Cinneleisure Damansara for a late night movie. okay, i'm not a movie enthusiast so i really dont know whats hot in the movies now. so fikir fikir gigit gigit jari garu garu kepala, last2 ktorg pon tgk cerita Love & Other Drugs. okay lah that movie. i rate that movie 3stars because byk 18sx scene. haha. me and my buifren took the couple seat. arief and Baiti sat somewhere tataw lah kt mane. so, movie tuh went for over 1hour lebih kot ( tak perasan sangat sbb tgh layan romance2), habis lahhhh that movie. we went out to send Baiti home first and then hantar arief pulak. after that, it was only me and his time. Natasha Azlan and Ridzuan Azmi time. Just you and me time. :) Okay, actually at that time, my stomach was crumbling like friggin hell! Gastric nak mati! 99.99% of my life was at stake. i was dying of hungriness! then ewan took me to the nearest mamak. pup pap pup pap makan makan makan, we drove all around shah alam. we first stopped at the padang near the museum. lepak japp then gerak pegi extreme park 13. rehat2 jap sbb die penat nk drive kan, plus die underestimate my capability to drive man! pfftt. i can drive like seriously i can, okay? shishhh. :p moving on. ktorg gerak dr situ pegi kea sabak bernam balik dr pukul 4something IN THE MORNING lah kann. otw to sabak bernam, twas the most cherishable moments i had with him. getting to sleep on his lap while he's driving, singing out loud our favourite songs, getting high and crazy just us two. masa dkt petronas tanjung, we stopped. he wanted to rest. so i let him rest. and aku selimutkan die pakai jacket aku sbb time tuh hujan. i watched him sleep :') and the best part was, we woke up at 7am something and he wished me good morning :') let me tell yah this. in my entire life, i had never ever EVAHH had a guy wished me good morning after i open my eyes first thing in the morning. so, agak sweeettt disitu. then masing2 pon dah terjaga, perjalanan ke sabak bernam diteruskan. guess what our breakfast were? hehe. Kuaci, air kosong, cigarettes. :) cukup kenyang jugaklah. then ktorg lpk dkt BNO( Bagan Nakhoda Omar ). sat at the pondok hidu bau laut pagi2. emmmmm. :) and then you pegi lalu dkt jalan lecak2 pastuh habis tayar kotor. lepastuh balik rumah die to clean those dirty tires, lepak2 kejap and he sent me back to poli yadda yadda yadda. the thing is, the time that we had might seemed short because there's a little argument between that time and there was a time i was sleeping so rasa mcm sekejap lah kan? but thats okay. because when i'm with you kan sayang, i don't give damn about how long or how short the time is. as long as i'm with you and i'm happy to see you, that's enough. it doesn't need to be fancy or so. i just want you here with me. that's all.

Baby, I'm sorry if I ever pulled faces during those times when I'm with you. I bukan saje2 nak tarik muka, nak down tiba2 bila dgn you. Actually.. hmm.. takpelah, yg tuh nty I bgtaw. But for now, I'm just happy that you're around. oh oh, and I'm sorry jugak if I agak membebankan you these past few days, like kalau nk pegi makan jea panggil you, nk pegi sini sana jea panggil you. I'm really sorry :(

ell i guess that's all lah kot. ape2 hal nty kalau rajin gua update lah lagi. muah muah!

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