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so, how to start. haha. cop cop let me think. hmm okay. so today, me and ridzuan azmi went out to shah alam and spent our day at the lake dekat dgn wet world tuh. we were studying. kan awak kannn? hehe. and we listen to songs, singing along, conteng2 our names there because ramai orang buat so we wanted to do one too :D first, he took me to meet his friends dkt 13. makan2 minum2 dulu then baru gerak pegi tasik. at the tasik, i watched him arranging his papers. tak reti nk beli file mamat nh ==' so susun susun. then rilek kejap. ( kenapa tukar melayu pulak nh? ==' ) okay, lepastuh main conteng2 kt kawasan situ. N.A x R.A =) hehehe. lepastuh main2 dgn webcam aku. then, i feel like sitting on the rocks. big rocks okay. so he joined sitting there too. talking2 and watching the view because i haven't been there before. sedih kan? i know. lepastuh! ada pulak elok biawok lalu kt dlm tasik tuh swimming2. ==' then conteng2 lagi till he spoke out " youu.. " and i was like.. *gulp. " ye sayee..." then there was silence. aku pon sambung conteng2. after a few minutes of silence he said " i nk ckp nh tp susah... " something like that lah. and i went " ape die? " die kata susah sgt nk ckp so aku ckp lah, " okay2. kite buat calculation (sambil memegang marker dan berpura2 menconteng tangan) " then he said, " 1,2,3,4. " haha mesti tak faham kan? taw lagu 1234 by Plain White T's kan? haaa. lepastuh aku dah ' ;D ' dan berkata " 5 sampai 10 mane? " haha die pon sambung lah sampai 10. lepas 10 aku ckp " okay, then equals to? " and die pon ckp " equals to 8,3,1 " and aku tye lagi equals to, and he said " equals to, I Love You. " meh sini depa habaq kt hang, jantung depa kemain laju bebeno! dema dok pusing2 lompat2 jantung depa. " hahaha. so i giggled with joy hearing that from him. AND AND here's the most anticipating part! he popped the 100 million $ question :

" will you officially be mine? "

lagi sekali depa habaq kat hang, bukan setakat jantung depa ja terbang terjun terbang terjun, depa sekali rasa nak terbang terjun terbang terjun!! hahaha. and i answered his proposal like this :

" O.F.C.O.U.R.S.E "

and ended with a hug. :') so thats basically what happened today. Ouhh Ridzuan Azmi, need I say more? I Love You too okay? the moment that i've been dying waiting for. today, you brought a smile on my face eventhough you kinda sakat sakat me that time, but cumon. i don't wanna be with anyone else but YOU and YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT? jyeahh! i hope that this journey we've started will keep on going.

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