You Put A Light Into My Life.

TETTTTT! sorry. that person ain't you. its Allah All Mighty. He has opened up my heart. Open it wide to accept fate and to never drag myself into complications. I'm working so hard to let go of the past. Letting bygones be bygones. So just now I was in the car with my family till dad start saying " angah, awak blajo rajin2. " and then mama said " pelik eh. awak banyak A dgn C tp knp tak dpt 3pointer? " i said " kalau dah ade C mmg tak dpt lah 3 pointer tuh ma" and then dad said " awak focus study awak. ayah tahu you can do better. just improve yourself to become better. kalau awak dapat 3pointer ayah belikan lah awak satu kete" i... "hehehehehehehehehehe" dad... " tapi kete second hand jelah. haha " me?..... " hehehehehehehe ". that's all i ever need from you dad. spirit support. for this moment, no boyfriend. no fooling around. yes to flirting some more ;) yes to looking more damn gorgeous. no to serious relationship. and yes to weed. haha kiddinnnn. This time it'll be also about me. Just me and your world tasha. Got a live it well or you just rather be dead. :)

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