Don't Love Me No More.

The phone rang...

Him : hello...
Me : haa hello..
Him : tgh buat ape?
Me : duduk2. td masa you call i dkt toilet lepastuh kemas rumah. skrg tgh packing2.
Him : ohh.. you, i ade something nk bgtaw you.
Me : ape die?
Him : i nk mintak clash..
Me : ....ohyeke. hmm okaylah
Him : hmm okaylah kalau mcm tuh

I quickly turned off the phone before he finished his words.

" I don't know what else to say. If that's what you wanted, then you get it. Promise me you stay out of my life after this. I don't want to know you anymore. You've hurt me too much. You neglected me. You upset me. You don't even had a second thought to apologize. Obviously you never cared. Everything that we had was memorable. You gave me one heck of an experience of a lifetime. I never had any of those moments with you with anyone else. I always thought that you would be the one but I never knew you would be the one to break my heart. Anyway, thanks for everything. I appreciate it. Hopefully, we will no longer see each other. I don't want to bump into you in college. Hopefully I wont see you at all so that I won't keep on remembering everything that we had. Nice knowing you Ridzuan Azmi. "

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