Againts All Odds.

hye everyone. shit, i really miss blogging. luahan hati lah katekan ;p so currently i'm at my rental house with kina and dhilah. they're wathcing tv and i'm in my room doing this :) so these previous weeks went, emmm, okay i guess. yknow, all of a sudden, i'm into MATHS :D haha. i cant wait for maths class. excited habis. and yeah, here's the part i've been dying to tell. it's about oh-you-know-who guy. At first, we were chatting on WhatsApp. then we started texting. then he came and talked to me. and then we chat again and he came to my house with a nasi lemak and i'm using his calculator. *oh no wonder i'm so into maths ==' but now, i just feel like, i shouldn't be too attached to him. because from what i see, he doesn't seem to have feelings for me no more. but i see that he still cares tho. hmm :/ i don't know what i'm supposed to do. i feel like ignoring him. should i? die pon ignore aku mcm senang jea. so it wouldn't be so hard for me to do so right? skrg nh pon aku dah tak text die, chat dgn die sume. for now, aku kene let go all of those things first. almaklumlah, pointer tinggi kali nh ayah nak belikan kereta. AMIN! :) well, aku rasa tuh jelah kot. nothing much kan? baru dapat online kt laptop harinh. *sigh. takpe. i'll see you guys some other time. till then, chiao :)

xxx, Tasha.

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