Consider these things, fragile.

you know, things like promises. people make promises and then tend to break it. people used promises as lies. you promise someone something but in the end, you can't grant it. if they cant guarantee you a better future, dont make promises that you can. from what i saw, some people have to go through hard times because of breaking their promises. arguments and misunderstanding and stuffs. promises shouldn't exist i guess. no one can promise you anything. no one can promise you happiness, wealth, health or whatever. so once you made a promise to someone, you better hold it in your hands and make sure you don't let go of it. so is people's heart. eventhough it takes a rock to throw on it to really crush the heart, but words, mann seriously, you dont need a rock then. why is a heart so fragile? because it is consist of feelings. emotions. even if they are invisible, can't be seen nor touched, you'll feel it somehow. when you break your promises, it breaks others hearts. don't try to make this things happen. always remember that we live to rejoice every moment of our lives. have the best of by making people appreciate the things you do for them. you don't think people will appreciate you when you hurt someone right? think about it, just for a second of your upcoming bezillion time.

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