In Despair.

its 0407 today. you know what that means. it's me and his 3months anniversary. and guess what? we still havent talk to each other. :') so i spent my day with my friend Natasha Razak and also my brother Hakim to Shah Alam. I wanted to settle all my fees and stuff. and then i asked tacha to drive to Laman Budaya Shah Alam. just wanted to recall back the sweet times i had with him. you know, just in case i will never see him again. i went to look for him at his workplace. not really looking but just walking around there. who knows i might bumped into him, but i didn't. going anywhere in Shah Alam reminds me of him. over here and there. we create little memories and we left them at many places. it puts a smile on my face eventhough i should be drowning my eyes devastating about our problems. problems? hmm, guess i have to put it that way. i can't believe i'll be heading back to college this Thursday. i'm gonna miss Juno mostly. we've had the best times together. kan Juno? :') still, i feel like going back to college because i want to start doing something. and most of all, i just hope after i got my ass back there, things between me and him will be fine as always. Amin.

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