Live from rumah sewa.

hyeeeeeee!!!! omagosh omagosh i miss blogging :'( it's been awhile i haven't update my blog. well duhhh. currently i'm staying in my rental house. so hard to look for internet signal here. so i've been here for 4days already and the house is not bad. i live with 4 more friends. Kina, nudra, yan and mira. and the seniors who live next to us are pretty cool too. its just these past few days i haven't ate a lot. don't ask why. i cant even figure it out. hmm about college? huhh. not any better. i have to bumped into my ex like everyday. You know how it feels when you create too much memories in your college, everywhere you go in there, you'll recall back all those memories. I mean, why does that have to happen? i was more hoping that when i get here, i'll focus more on my studies, but i cant :'( the truth is, it really hurts. when i'm at the library i'll remember this, when i go to the cafe i'll remember that. haiyaaa :'( somehow, people just cant run away from their past even though one day they will, someday it will come back. to be honest, hmm, i still miss him though. everytime he passed by me, i feel like running onto him and hug him and choke him until he dies. okay, KIDDINNN. ==' i miss him so much. actually, i really like to bump into him everyday. i don't care if i dont get the chance to talk to him or make any contacts with him, i'll just look. :') look from afar but close to the heart. PFFFTTTT! whatever it is Ridzuan Azmi, if you're reading this, I still love you. I never hated you even when you break our relationship without any good reason or when you ignore me for many days or when you talk to girls 'gedik2' or just spoiled everything. I don't know why, but i think, i wont go for no one but you. You're just too fucking special to me. Hows that? :)


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