stronger and stronger.

guess what? i got my laptop charger oledi! weehee. for almost a month. bodoh itu cina manyak lembab. so harinh was a little fun. me and my family went out. our bonding time. tuh jelah.

takde kene mengena dgn title kan? baru nk start lah nh...

harinh dah 4hb 6 kan? yeahh, me and my boyfriend sudah 2bulan maaaaaa. tweeeeeee ;) this month also byk ups and downs. alahh, biaselah tuh kan bby. awak tuh mmg suka kalau bab2 buat i irritating nh. taknak cerita detail lah kan tp whatever it is, i sayang you, you know? every each mistake that we've done is one step of learning to understand each other. and i'm so proud that you've never gave up on me yet. like me, i'm so not gonna give up on you. you are all i have b. i'll be here with you as long as i can. let's make it longer kay bby? I love you. Muah muah

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