Behind the story : Lady Gaga.

13 June on MTV " Inside The Outside of Lady Gaga" but I can't wait till 13 June so I watch it on Youtube. Nasib baik ada. fiuhhh. so there's three part and i watched all three and i was like, wow, is this really Lady Gaga? I mean is that how she really get through life to become one hell of a singer? she started as a girl who loves the stage play and her father decided to send her for piano classes. haha just like me :'D and she started playing classical songs. and then she would only write poetries and she had never thought of writing a song. just like me! but i'm not good as you, Gaga. you're insanely good! She told about how she performed at a bar where she worked and she didn't perform anyone's song but hers and she didn't give a fuck what people say. she also told about her being thrown in a trash can beside a street and she just hold the tears inside and laugh about it, nervously. maybe some people would judge Lady Gaga as a devil worshiper with all the freemasons and illuminati that had been collaborated in her videos. if you first hear her latest song titled ' Judas ', the first thing people will be thinking is that she's writing about how she loves Judas that to my opinion is ridiculous because I don't have much knowledge about Judas or whatsoever because it's not in my flow. so i would say Judas is like the Demon, i dont know. but in this interview, she told us about the story behind the song ' Judas '. it's about the betrayal of her boyfriend that claimed to be the what? Judas priest? oh i dont know whats that. so she already made the song but she thought about how to make the video that wasn't obvious enough it's about her boyfriend's betrayal. get it? you better watch it. at one time she talks about her family and started crying, MAN i cried okay?! haha ==' anyways, you should go and watch it yourself. Go on Youtube and look for ' Lady Gaga : Inside The Outside ( Interview ) '.

I Hate You Lady Gaga because You're so F(*&@&#*@ing Awesome.

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