oyeah oyeah

i'm HOME! ==' (boringggg). i just got home. i went out with my boypreng lah just now. sbb smlm aku dah pegi sunway, die bawak aku lagi pegi sunway ==' but but, hehehehe, beli jugak kau BR cotton candy utk aku kan? yayy! after that he took me to AC for a foosball. hebat jugak aku main foos. hahah. oh he also took me to the this taiwanese dessert restaurant. it's Snowflake something kot. opposite AC jea. twas nice lahhh. oh i forgot! i met my old, really old friend, Aidyl. he's my classmate when i was in Year 5. woahhh die lain lah. ckp pon mcm style " wuzzup ma man.." padahal tuh aku yg ckp ==' okay okay lepastuh kami *eceh pegi Shah Alam. i heard about the Pekan Frinjan kot. i mean, who's Najwa Latif? Melodisaster? hmm. and ade booth2 kt situ. takde ape sgt lah pon. boring lagi and sbb dah bosan, kami pulanggg. thanks sayang for the day. i got so speechless when you're about to leave. i was thinking of giving you ' something ' but i got stunted and my brain jammed so, it didn't work. hmm *upset. i hope there will be another time we can spend just like this. i love you babeh. aumuahhh <3

alahhh, the video is all messed up :'( sorry


  1. huhe. sukeeh tgk videoo nyeh :P eh eh , dah lme tk dgr tasha nyer suara. hathooi . rindu rindu <3

  2. hehe thanks jahh. tuhlahh. rinduu jah jugak <3