Miss January.

OMG OMG yayy! Its JANUARY baby! Finally. feuhhh. Hey, hey, I know the celebration was called off, but still, I'm going to enjoy my special day :) I wanna go out shopping! weehee. But mom told me I can't go back home anymore. I had to stay here ==' for months, then I can come home. MONTHS? You've gotta be kidding me. Hmm, mama, angah nk kasut baru boleh? hmm tak pon handphone baru sbb handphone angah nh dah nk roboh. Can aa can aa? I wished it would be this easy. Hmm, so for 2011, I have plenty of resolutions to share with you guys.

Okay, first STOP SMOKING. Second, ACHIEVE 4FLAT IN MY FINALS. Third, BOYFRIEND? hmm, I'll pass :)

*Haa lpstuh kan, yg pasal BOYFRIEND tuh, lpsnh aku malas nk carik/terima lelaki yg muka comel2 jambu2 etc. Pantang aku dpt yg mcm nh, sume nk jugak. Korang ameklah eh yg muka2 mcm nh sbb haaa MUKA JAMBU HATI BATU. Sorry, no offence guys :)

Mummy, I can't wait for 19. I feel much elderly when I'm 19. I feel more, matured. HAHA ape kau gelak2? ==' Taw lah aku pendek. hmm.

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