New year. So?

Hmm, I feel like I don't give a damn about new year because this year aint my year. I'm not having fun this year. 2010 haven't been so nice to me, man. Seriously! First, its about break ups, and this and that. FUCK! Pleassseeeeeeeeee 2011, bring me more prosperity in this new year. No more this sorta things. I want to enjoy this 2011. 9th January is my upcoming birthday. Genting? Hmm cancelled. :'( What can I do man. No luck. See? I told yah! Tasha, concentrate on your studies first can you? Stop fooling around! Serious serious! heshhh

New year punye azam?

Hmm, I dont know. Too many resolutions. I think I'm going to skip that one. Bye

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